New Moon Reading – Thursday October 19, 2017


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How can we access the depth of wisdom within us? What grounds us when we have become too involved in the world, caught up in its chaos and seemingly meaningless responsibilities? Often it is seeing our life through the eyes of a child. Observing children can bring us back into balance as our inner joy is reawakened. We become aware that life needs simplicity in order to feel free.

Our reading begins with this observation, and indeed, participation. In the “past” position, the Child of Cups is suggesting that we are in a playful state of mind. It is about not getting hung up on anything too serious. We can move around from one fascination to another and let our reactions to them be light and spontaneous.

We can feel our frustration, or not, and let it just run its course. We can wipe a tear away and laugh in the next second. Our emotions flow though and around us, unrestricted and unhindered. We are feeling our life through “eyes” that are not concerned about due dates and bill payments.

This has a way of freeing up energy, loosening heavier concepts, and putting long held beliefs into perspective. We are blending the world of the naïve child with that of the wise Hermit. All this playing, crying and laughing has discharged some excess energy and we feel calmer, more grounded now in our “present”.

This process can open up doors into our experience, creating a kind of timeless dimension where we can see our youthful past and our future as older adults simultaneously. We see our parents and grandparents. We feel an overlapping quality of time that reveals how brief a stay we have in this current body we are living.

But rather than get lost in the melancholy of that realisation, we are uplifted into a new understanding of how the universe operates. We are in a co-creative dance with something that is truly beyond words or description and a “child” has given us this key.

The Hermit is functioning here as an integration point, which is also allowing a birth of new thought to take shape. Our mind is percolating and meditating, tuning into streams of consciousness that take on a new relevance. The Hermit lights a lamp in our being that reveals a true and profound contact with Source.

In our “future” card position, we see just that: The Ace of Crystals. Brilliance is shining forth. In fact, it is our brilliance, as we become the lamp, glowing and radiant, and completely authentic. We have filled our being with the radiance of our integrity and integration.

The Ace of Crystals is a brand new perspective. New thought forms will emerge from our retreat and we will see things differently with new beliefs opening new ways of expressing oneself. We have touched our multidimensional self and we can begin to assimilate this heightened awareness into our everyday world.

This past New Moon is offering us a birth into a new creative endeavour. A new opportunity is taking shape, which is allowing us to articulate our new insights that have new meaning, relevance and application. We can watch and then participate in the growth of learning this Ace is awarding us.


Thanks for reading!

Daniel Palmo




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