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“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

~ Joseph Campbell

let us be awake.

I often seek Daniel’s counsel with a Tarot reading when I have questions that remain unanswered or when I’m about to take an important decision and I’m not sure what to do. I appreciate that Daniel offers different spread options depending on what I am hoping to find out. I particularly enjoy his “Gateway” spread.

Daniel’s incredible Tarot knowledge allows him to bring forward insightful advise on situations that I might not have otherwise considered. During a reading, Daniel focuses on positive conflict resolutions presented through the cards as they are displayed one after the other. The cards are interpreted very carefully and intuitively. Daniel is a very spiritual man. The connection with his “source” is evident and his energetic vibration palpable. After a reading, I always feel empowered with the clarity required in order to take the best next step on my life journey. The whole experience has been uplifting. I am learning to keep my cup overflowing and I feel inspired to expect more for myself.

Thank you Daniel for your beautiful ideas on life and answers through Unfolding Tarot!


I had few readings now with Daniel and decided now was a good time to express my thoughts about them. I enjoyed them very much because I appreciate Daniel’s approach; he doesn’t bind me into some ‘this is your destiny’ traps but interprets the cards I drew as he sees them – ‘my story’ in front of him – where I’ve been, where I am and what my choices may be/present themselves; he lets me participate in telling ‘my story’ and where some of my choices may work well for me. When I leave I feel empowered not helpless, because of his positive approach and I’m the one who decides in the end. And for me that’s very important and what I expect tarot readings to be. In fact many times I already know within what’s going on and where I’m heading, so when I come to talk to Daniel I seek his confirmation through the cards (what he may add to my awareness). And it is really nice to hear it.  So thank you, Daniel for offering your time and your knowledge.


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