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“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

James Campbell

This is my first intuitive tarot reading with Daniel.  I am really impressed for many amazing reasons. Here is my personal experience and feelings.

Now I know the difference between an intuitive tarot reading and psychic or medium reading.  Psychic/Medium readings, they read your mind and tell you what they foresee in the near future, which does not help much.  Psychic/Medium  is just a quick future reading and at times it does not last and most of the time it fails. Then you have to go back for an another Psychic/Medium reading and at the end you are never satisfied as the source of the problem was not heard or addressed.

I was curious to know about Intuitive tarot reading and that’s the main reason why I reached out to Daniel for a reading.

I told Daniel I have one question that is about my new love/relationship. I did not provide him with any further details. With Intuitive tarot reading, Daniel pulled out several cards and through them, he provided me with his intuitive reading about my past, my feelings, how to handle & let go the past and how to move forward to achieve my desired relationship.

What was on my way and holding me, what I should do to overcome that fear. He gave me tips, advice and he shared his personal experience as well.

I am going to follow all your guidance, work on myself and find my true connection & spiritual love.

Thank you for the amazing reading Daniel, appreciated.  I recommend anyone for an intuitive tarot reading and I give him 5 stars.



I had a reading with Daniel Palmo a few weeks ago, and at the end and until now it has given me a new look into what I was facing at the moment. Therefore, a new way to face it. He is honest, thoughtful, respectful and knowledgeable. Thanks again Daniel!


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