My Approach to Tarot

There are many ways that we can empower ourselves; the Tarot is one of them. Sometimes, as we encounter a situation in our lives, we can be faced with many options, unsure of which direction to take.

The Tarot, with its rich symbolism and meaning, offer ways to understand what is occurring and to make the best choices we can. It can help us move closer to our own personal truth and in so doing, be of tremendous benefit to others who quietly observe our own positive transformations.

Underlying many of our life choices may be a history or pattern that we may not be aware of. The Tarot is a beautiful tool which can help us see this and what may be getting in the way of our progress.

The Tarot deck is a story. It is life experience told in symbols portrayed in a total of 78 illustrated cards. These symbols, or archetypes of the unconscious as described by Carl Jung, offer immense wisdom into the nature of the psyche. When we can follow the trail of symbols offered by the Tarot cards pulled in a reading, we can begin to see a story emerge. This information can tell us what some of the causes might be to our questions, how they are currently unfolding in our lives, and in what direction we could be headed.

Synchronicity plays a unique role as the cards in our readings are selected. It can be viewed as something we trust and feel as we observe our lives more intimately. When we connect to our unconscious and to our higher self, we tap into information that is beyond time and space. When we place ourselves in this flow, we can allow healing energy to enter many aspects of our experience and begin to transform confusion and obscurity into clarity and wholeness.


How I do a reading for you