New Moon Reading – Tuesday November 29, 2016



Sometimes, in order to create a new experience in our lives, we need to leave behind a part of ourselves that is not serving our deepest intentions, regardless if we are fully conscious of what they may be. Here we see a spread that illustrates what New Moons are all about: our potential. It is a time of affirmations and of applying some awareness to what we want and how we can move forward to achieve it.

In this layout, we can clearly see a transition from a character who is facing away from us (5 of Cups) to one who is turning to face us directly (The Magician). The link between these two cards shows what is fueling the desire to do so (5 of Wands). This appears to be a contact point between what we want to bring forth privately and a kind of public assessment of it. What is evident is that this public interaction becomes a crucible for establishing the foundation of an individuation process seen in the last card, and the beginning of a whole new cycle of creativity.

Many times, we hold on to what we think is working or to what we think we need. We convince ourselves that it’s going to work and that, with a little faith and effort, our patience will pay off. While this approach can often find success and gratification, we also must be willing to be fully honest with ourselves as we evaluate and re-evaluate situations that are not fulfilling or unstable. Do we stand by certain ideals publicly but then not follow through in our private life? This is a time to ask some of those questions and to see what is serving us well and what is not.

Perhaps we are unsure of what others will think and fear being judged for going on a path that doesn’t include their permission. Should others have a say in our plans for the future? What is more important, our happiness or theirs? As an individual, one must at times embrace the path that breaks free of others expectations and opinions. To defend and debate ones position might be required, but isn’t it in the defence of something we desire that becomes incredibly rewarding? It can lead to a deepening of ones commitment to our own personal truth.

We enter the forum of public opinion, we state our case and are challenged. The conversation quickens as we reach for information within us to finally verbalize. Other people enter the conversation and offer their opinion and more ideas emerge. Anything goes! It’s not a fight and we don’t feel tired. It is an opportunity that is presented to us to bring ourselves forward. As we do, more and more clarity abounds as everyone’s truth gets heard.

What do we do now that everyone has had their say? We must hold true to our unique voice. Showing our strength and self-esteem becomes magnetic. We claim the center seat of our own experience and enter a focused state of being. Our awareness becomes heightened and we feel the current of life flowing powerfully within us. We’ve done our research, we’ve passed through a proving ground, and we’ve brought all our talents and gifts to the forefront. Above all, we feel ready. A part of ourselves has emerged and we create something brand new. We shine our own special light and become examples of integrity to everyone we meet. As we stand fully empowered in our truth, we realize the importance of how we were shaped and formed during the struggles and uncertainty of our past.


Warm regards,

Daniel Palmo

5 thoughts on “New Moon Reading – Tuesday November 29, 2016

  1. … i just wanted to mention that your layout reading was very accurate as i encountered people and situations that day (of new moon) that confirmed what you wrote maybe occurring; thank you again, very helpful:)


  2. Congrats on your first New Moon Reading for Unfolding Tarot! It has a universal message that inspires me to reassess my needs and wants in order to truly follow a path of individuality and happiness. Being reminded of this is incredibly powerful 🙂


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