Your Week Ahead: May 17 to 23, 2020 – Fortune Favours the Visionary

Queen of Pentacles, 3 of Pentacles, and 3 of Wands, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Shining its spotlight, as the Sun so beautifully does, both Jupiter and Saturn get our attention this week not by any struggle or tension, but by inspiration (spirit-in-action). Starting the week, we have a wonderful trine to Jove in Capricorn. Newly retrograde, it is particularly strong and revealing. Its energy is very much up front and personal and if we tune into it, we can gain some wonderful ground.

It could feel engaging and encouraging. Some of the tension of other aspects, or of life in general, can move into the background as we get to progress on other more meaningful discoveries and intentions. Look for some support on your personal projects. See if some opportunities come your way. This could be something substantial in terms of application, or it could simply be a feeling of ease and much less resistance than we’re used to. Jupiter is retrograde, so we could be reworking plans and seeing things from different perspectives to help us move forward.

The Sun’s shift from Taurus to Gemini on Wednesday heralds a time when we begin working with the energy of that sign that will manifest in a few ways over the next few weeks. Notably, Venus already in Gemini and currently retrograde, and the North Node having just shifted there from from Cancer.

The North Node has a lot to do with the patterns of eclipses and functions as an entry point manifesting as opportunities, realizations, and sweeping changes. The South Node (in its opposite sign Sagittarius) represents what is shed, what is no longer relevant or a vibrational match to our core being. What is released always brings in new vibrant energy that is taking us to where we want – or where the universe feels we are better suited.

As the Sun sets up shop, it makes a very helpful trine to Saturn, also retrograde in Aquarius. Again, it seems evident that we can move with some traction and more freedom, going over what we’ve already been working on so that we can ensure we have our facts right. This is good work and will reveal many oddities and bizarre assumptions that have perhaps clogged our perception recently.

Since Saturn represents the lessons we are given, perhaps the retrograde period represents our “homework”. An excellent time for research and fact checking. June will see the second of three Mercury retrograde periods this year, so let’s get a head start on those facts now so we aren’t kept from them later. We’re already getting major hints of this on social media and various other platforms, including the media.

Venus will also square Neptune midweek so take your time with what is revealed. This is an aspect of deception and false certainty. Be extra aware of any financial dealings, investments and commitments, and take care not to explore any drastic changes in fashion or cosmetics, especially during Venus retrograde. Be taken in by the mist and altered lights, but don’t get lost. Keep your feet beautifully planted in fertile ground and know your self-worth.

The Queen of Pentacles makes a return appearance starting off this weeks reading. I love how the weeks astrology always seems to compliment the reading. Looking at the message spread out, there is a tangible, earthy feel to it, thanks no doubt to the healthy robust and abundant energy of loving Taurus aiding us in our quest.

We have more than enough and we feel supported by the universe and all of creation. We have a deep sense of ourselves and our potential. We have gained some personal awareness of how, when we tap into that, all things are possible. Indeed, all things become meaningful. There is an authenticity to our experience that cannot be diluted.

From this foundation, we get to apply that self-appreciation to our work. How we engage with others, take their feedback, and ultimately produce something valuable from that collaboration is what is shown to be occurring. We’re at an interesting crosspoint of manifesting something. We both understand and operate from our innate talent, and we also know that producing something special can take place with the influence of others – and we’re not distracted by that influence.

We become willing to integrate logic and spirit because we have grasped that integration within us as an internal event. The Queen knows how the energy of the world operates. She understands and respects the biodiversity that is at the root of all life. So, we know the value of creating something beautiful and personal by producing from this premise.

Understanding and realizing these fundaments, we are eager and curious about how that energy can expand and become more than just a work in progress. We look out over the vast ocean with our intentions setting sail. We are now ready to participate with life in a new way, facilitating new growth and production.

We are becoming more than what we are alone. In our participation, we create waves of influence and interaction. Those waves expand outwards touching others and inspiring them along their own paths. We create beauty and value and inspire these qualities in the world and in people. Without any delusions of grandeur, we create with our hearts something that lifts and inspires many around us. It is the energy of this earth and of this universe that we are all connected to, and from which you spread your unique message of love.

I share this beautiful Catalan song, “El Cant dels Ocells” (“The Song of the Birds”) in the spirit of the Sun trine Jupiter, and the Queen of Pentacles.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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