Your Week Ahead: May 24 to 30, 2020 – Releasing our Containment

The Hermit, Page of Pentacles, and The Empress, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Luna makes her rebirth cycle known to us this week, having recently emerged from the darkness a New Moon on Friday May 22. Her energy dips below the surface of things, of appearances and illusions. A feeling of wrapping up old business and finishing up some details concluded last weeks energy and we seem poised to start fresh on many new emerging grounds

This week feels quite friendly to me and I can’t help but feel optimistic, given so many reasons not to. Two aspects this week are creating a sense of compassion and understanding both within and without. In some sense, they represent a shift in dialogue or perspective that can release us from a place of isolation, metaphoric or physical.

Mars in Pisces makes a productive sextile to Uranus in Taurus on Monday, giving us a chance to work with a creative process with a softer touch but with added traction. Instead of the usual fireworks that Uranus can sometimes represent, we have a sensation of harnessing that energy constructively. If Uranus is releasing the energy, Mars will have access to it and direct it to where it needs to go. We’ll need to feel for this opportunity and act on it, so be ready to jump in if it feels right.

Mercury then changes signs from Gemini to Cancer on Thursday. This placement is going to be softer and more sensitive, offering us empathetic insights and reactions to what we see and who we are participating with. Just remember to keep the communication above water and free of any withholds. This can lead to an emotionally confusing conversation where our indirectness can lead to passive aggressive speech. The move from Gemini to Cancer emphasizes a switch from intellect to emotion, and a more talkative energy to one more sensitive and emotional.

Speak from personal experience, from your feelings, using “I” statements, and then listen and hold space for another person to continue the conversation. We can clarify the process by asking, “what I hear you saying is… , is that correct?” Remember that many people are not free to voice how they really feel at this time. A lot are not as mobile as they once were. This can create a distortion where people, through being unacknowledged, are letting us know they need to be heard.

However way you feel appropriate, be an example of how you can show others a way to move forward and to feel safe, and to trust in the human touch, even if it is just our warm reassurance.

What we have kept concealed and protected is bubbling up and percolating through the depths of our consciousness. It is stirring. We are quiet yet stirred, as if the energy of the New Moon is ready to emerge from its dark face into the silvery crescent in the pristine blue of dusk. We have kept it private, worked at its perfection and its intonation with the harmony of the universe in a deeply personal way.

Understanding our own path and what it takes for our unique success, we adhere to patience and strategy, letting our innate wisdom guide our impulses. The merit of our foundation has provided us with the ability to stand alone, being true to our voice and our heart centre. We lit the way for ourself, and so we have lit the way for others.

The Hermit’s energy starts us off this week with tremendous insight and wisdom. He is stabilizing us in our truth and enabling us to make the best use of a time of retreat and introspection. But we cannot stay forever in solitude. Our spirit wants to come out into the fresh new day, into the Sun and in the fresh fertile air.

Often, the best energy that draws us out of our boundaries is the curious innocence of the child within. Midway through our week, we feel light and free to explore our surroundings and our relationship with the magic of creation. We have taken the star out of the confines of the glass container and are now holding it in the Sun, taking a nice long close look at it. See what draws your attention. Be open to learning something new and looking at your current situation from an alternative point of view.

We hold in our hands the seeds, the potential for greater things, for the promise of life to be more than we can ever expect it to be. Life transforms us, change changes us, the magic and energy of life takes us beyond all limits. A quantum leap is taking place and we get to cross over a threshold. The only thing that is required of us is to trust the process and to leave our expectations behind.

Life is finding a way. We co-create with our visions and intentions, but ultimately we surrender and let ourselves flow in the cosmic river current, taking us along and holding us in its loving support. Let the Empress take you on a journey. Where are we headed? Who knows! It’s okay not to know.

In fact, say to yourself,

Universe, take me to my next adventure! Lead me to fertile grounds and surprise me with things I never imagined possible. Let me create new experiences and new places to explore. Let me learn and grow with you and my spirit guides. Let me cultivate my talents and have opportunities to share them with others. You’ve heard my dreams and wishes, but now more than ever, I trust that I am being led. I have an open mind and an open heart. Fill me with the joy of a child, with endless laughter and delights. Let me invite you into my life so that I may thrive and be radiant in this physical body. Universe, take me to my next adventure!

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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