Your Week Ahead: May 31 to June 6, 2020 – State of Love and Trust

Knight of Cups, 7 of Swords, Queen of Swords, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

Coming into centre stage this week are two events that are combined in their culmination: the Sun makes a conjunction to retrograde Venus in Gemini, and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. They happen a couple of days from each other, but really, they are linked as one event. To perhaps provoke or trigger this event is the square Mars is making to the Sun, Venus, and the Full Moon from his place in Pisces.

When we have a retrograde planet making a conjunction, especially to the Sun, there is a revealing moment as to the message of this transit for each of us. This happens on Wednesday. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on Friday with Mars aspecting both these events throughout the week, emphasizing a build up and release of energy.

We will get to work with the Venus retrograde transit very tangibly this week and some realizations could take place, some that will require patience and openness. We will need to hold space for our feelings should we not make good sense of them at first. This is a time for information to be revealed or given to us in a clearer way. But like all retrograde conjunctions to the Sun, there is another layer to go through once there is a stationing of direct motion.

When I pulled the cards for this weeks reading, I heard in my head the opening lyrics of Pearl Jam’s 1992 song that opens with “State of love and trust as I busted down the pretext…”. As the song describes, there any many layers to sift through, layers of pretext and patterns that keep us from progressing. We’re heading into eclipse energy so we can expect many patterns to surface so that they may be released.

The appearance of the Knight of Cups suggests that we feel eager to show how we feel and to express ourselves to another person or situation. We may feel ready to act on our intentions and desires but feel unsure of the outcome and insecure about the whole process. The Knight can represent a message being delivered to us or by us. It is often a feeling of declaration.

We are feeling loving yet alone, eager yet cut off, affectionate yet not receiving of affection. This is causing some internal conflict and we feel a pressure building to act or do something either to convince someone of something, or ourselves of what we surmise is the problem. In this state, we can often act from a place of neediness instead of healthy contribution. However, slowing down and appreciating the creative waters flowing through us and appreciating the vision of seeing ourselves participating in love or expressing it through art, is the message here: the joy of the moment free of any outcome.

Looking closer, the Knight of Cups in this reading suggests a misguided action that will not turn out as anticipated. The Sun’s conjunction to retrograde Venus is giving us an opportunity to look at things clearly and with an open mind, but realize that we cannot force anyone to see things our way or to act on our timetable. Whatever is arising, patience is our ally with a healthy dose of unconditional love and an ability to sense what another needs.

The “need” may be opposite to our needs at this time as the Full Moon may suggest. The 7 of Swords is about a bold action taken but could also represent the clouded condition of the Knight’s dreamy mindset. If we look at the placement of the 7 card, it looks as if an action could get us what we want but at the risk of alienating someone even further, pushing them away at a time when many are already feeling isolated.

The Queen is representing a polarity to the Knight. She holds a sword while the Knight holds a cup. These are people that are focused on two different modes of expression. She represents a person who we need to give space for, or a situation not to provoke. Mars is represented in the insecure action of the 7 of Swords, caught in the middle, not knowing which way to go and not fully understanding the consequences of his actions.

Further to the culminating energy of the Full Moon all week, it is a Lunar Eclipse. We have options to enter into a dialogue with the Sun/Venus message because whatever is happening on an external level is a reflection of our own process. We must look after our impulses and the motivations behind why we feel compelled to act in a certain way. What is it we wish to say?

Let’s first say it and reveal it to ourselves. Then lets pick it apart and know its components. Be honest with yourself and why you may be feeling neglected or left out of the conversation. How can we sit with this swirling turbulence and admit to ourselves that we need to look inside first and to avoid the need to convince anyone of our “story”. Own the narrative that we describe. See if there might be an opportunity to let parts of it go, that belong in the past, parts we seem determined to bring along with us and keep identifying with.

The Queen is also representing this process of self-honesty within our mental patterns of thought. We need to approach her with respect as she (the archetypal energy within us) represents the gap we need to bridge internally before making that effort externally. She is showing the ability to let go of the old approach and to move forward. She is allowing parts of her thought process to be “taken away”, parts that are attached to the “need” of the Knight. This can be the bold action represented in the 7 of Swords, and one she initiates as she looks ahead.

So, this is how the Tarot can represent at one time both another person or situation and our internal relationship – the two are linked. Once we get past the illusion that the experience with another person is a separate process, we begin to value every encounter on our path. When we work with another, we can always ask, “What is it about this person that reminds me of myself that I perhaps don’t really like? If they are showing me something, can I do better by allowing their perspective or approach to shape mine? What if their reaction to me is showing me what I need to work on within myself?”

If we can investigate these types of questions, we can see how the outward expressions of our thoughts and emotions can be filtered and tempered by cultivating our self-worth and self-esteem. Rather than acting by default and amplifying and thus projecting our internal disconnect on others, let us see if we can change that process by sending out different signals.

The Knight of Cups can represent some hurt that needs to be released. The 7 of Swords is the bold decision to release it. The Queen of Swords is our renewed commitment to truth. By understanding what is true, here and now, so we can allow ourselves to move beyond its grasp and into a future where we don’t need anyone to fix us, complete us, or fill a role so that we are more in control – or feel more safety – in our lives.

This eclipse can give us the chance to flush out some tension that has been surfacing recently. With the Sun and Venus illuminated together, let us seek ways to bring in more love and beauty, more trust and forgiveness – especially to ourselves. Let us attract who we wish to be. We don’t need perfection, but we can ask for simple honest contribution, affection, and presence.

Let the tide rise, let the tension push through, let people be themselves, let yourself be yourself, and give each the time it needs for its own process. We’re all in this together. A gentle touch can go a million miles these days. If we can be calm with each other, this energy comes back a thousandfold.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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3 thoughts on “Your Week Ahead: May 31 to June 6, 2020 – State of Love and Trust

  1. yes, the Sun and the Goddess of unconditional Love and Beauty…..what an incredible combination especially on the FM lunar eclipse, June 5th, which is also the most important day in the buddhist calendar, the Saga Dawa day …when one of us, the humans, sometime ago, realized his full human potential that each of us have …. through unconditional Love and Compassion; thanks Daniel for helping us to remember that.

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