Your Week Ahead: June 7 to 13, 2020 – Bursting the Bubble of Fear

The Star, 7 of Cups, and Judgement, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

After a rather intense week, it feels apropos – and a gift – to be given an almost refreshing start to the week heralded so beautifully by the appearance of The Star card. Up to this point, it has felt understandably pressurized given our global lockdown situation, and general psychological and physical muzzling represented in mandatory wearing of face masks. Whether that’s peer pressure or recommended, or a flat out refusal to be admitted into a store, we seem unable to ask questions. When it would be entirely appropriate to do so, as many have now come forward after a lengthy time of following protocols and gathering information, the object of our attention was suddenly diverted in another direction.

Such continued dislocation and disorientation was bound to fuel the already pent up fury of so many, especially those hard hit by unemployment, domestic abuse, psychological distress and anxiety, as well as a host of other conditions that have cascaded and rippled out with a seemingly powerful momentum of their own.

Any abuse of power is wrong and it is right to speak up. But we also need to ask questions about where we are asked to focus our attention. We need to explore how things escalate and what are the components of a story that don’t seem to fit. This is good research and is truly the tool needed to take a stand.

This build up was precisely the effect of Mars being in a square to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Friday. Mars aspects are known for their building and gathering of energy. The release point was the eclipse and the exact square on Saturday June 6. I’m writing this on Friday evening so it remains to be seen if there should be some important events that reflect this. No doubt many have felt it within their personal lives.

This week’s tone shifts to Neptunian energy and tests our dreams, creativity, and the way that creativity feeds our intentions and visions for the future. The Sun and Mars are still in a close square aspect. However, this week they make contact with Neptune. The Sun in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces, and Mars in Pisces will make a conjunction to Neptune. Although the exact aspect occurs Thursday through Saturday, it will be in effect all week and well into next – continuing the message of the eclipse as that energy too rings out over our consciousness.

While a square to Neptune can feel disillusioned and defeated as it tests the grounds of what we’ve been working on, Mars could provide the injection of energy into that fog of confusion to extract our purpose and provide a breakthrough. It is important to tune into the highest vibration of both Mars and Neptune at this time. Guided meditation with breath support, determination and quiet resolve while maintaining a sense of self-appreciation can be key so that we tame the over reactive frustration that is lying just below the surface of our emotions.

It’s just energy, so let it out! Just use some mindfulness and a healthy outlet so that you can work with your talents instead of being defeated by them or any external events or narratives that seek to distract you from your potential.

Poor Animal. What’s more important, our triggers or the people who trigger them? (clue: it’s a trick question)

Looking at the reading for this week, we’re being blessed by a time of calm and of integration. Whatever we may have been swept up in, we are being afforded a time to regroup, take a deep breath and cleanse our body and minds in the bountiful and nourishing waters of our psyche.

Reaching deep into the Neptunian pool, we refresh our spirit under the stars of our spirit guides. Leave practical matters behind, and embrace the stillness and tranquility. You are enough and you have more than enough.

There is an evolution taking place, however. Look at the seven stars that surround the large yellow star. They are sparkling with messages and intonations. They suddenly transform and take shape and move into the foreground, each taking on a different appearance. Each takes its place in a separate cup and mutates into various apparitions before your eyes!

You become transfixed and bewildered. What do each of these objects mean? Your imagination creates stories for each one and you feel at once excited and afraid of what you are seeing, as each cup describes a part of you that wants to burst forth. It’s as if the universe is presenting you with many possibilities, each having their own potential, and each having their own story which is rooted in a past experience. All of this as emerged from your unconscious and your higher mind, which are in fact inseparable.

As you regain some composure and focus, you find yourself drawn towards the top middle figure, shrouded with outstretched arms. “This one feels right. This one is speaking to me”, you say to yourself. It glows with a red aura and becomes larger and larger, drawing closer and closer.

As the other cups fade into the distance, the figure turns around. Just as she takes off her shroud, the sky clears and there, right overtop of you both, with a majestic blare of a horn, an angel appears! Suddenly, you are in the middle of the lake where you were just refreshing yourself under a night sky, now all these others join you, surfacing from coffins from the deep waters, waking up and saluting the incredible awakener who brings forth a message.

Whatever the message is that is being delivered to us, we feel cleansed and purified of our past, of all those elements that had previously defined us and held us back. All those old stories, memories and paradigms – let them all be awakened and be brought to the light of day and be released. This is a moment to be excited and to be glad. If we can place our trust in the message we are being given, we can’t go wrong. Let yourself be taken on the wings of angels and let yourself be surprised by how well things will turn out.

Horizon, from the Sustain Yourself deck by James Wanless.

I decided to pull an additional card this week. The card Horizon is telling us this week that, no matter what we’ve been told, there’s more. Whatever we think we know right now is only a framework that needs to be eventually broken, stretched and expanded. Let yourself feel a new horizon dawning and let yourself be drawn into its void, its darkness, its vastness, its unknown. Go forth and leave it all behind.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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