Your Week Ahead: June 14 to 20, 2020 – Clearing Our Way

Queen of Swords, 9 of Cups, 7 of Cups from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

With Mars making a productive sextile to Pluto and Jupiter on Friday and Saturday respectively, recent aspects to Neptune will feel like a foggy mist that has lifted. As this martian energy surfaces, there is an unpredictable and potent quality we must be on the lookout for.

Any sextile aspect gives a tangible grasp on something when we make an effort to notice and draw it out. Much like making a decision and then following through on the details of the plan, executing a critical path and ensuring we have what we need for success. Or working on something creative. We must chose to do it and then, as we delve into it, it becomes a magical journey of discovery. The results are incredible; we just need to move ourselves into position to reap the benefits.

Mars sextile Pluto can be deeply profound and revealing. We’re working with Plutonian energy that unearths, penetrates, and transforms what it touches. With Mars, we’ll need to be careful to apply temperance and some objectivity lest we get obsessive or ruthless in our approach.

With Mars quickly sextiling Jupiter, the optimism and broad visionary qualities that get unearthed could yield magical results. It feels like an incredible amount of determination and physical energy. Watch out for too much exertion and taking on more than one can handle. We may feel invincible, yet once the euphoria wears off, we’ll need to recuperate and ensure the positive momentum is well cared for.

The deeper fact that Pluto and Jupiter are moving into their second conjunction in Capricorn on June 30 begs the inquiry, what does this conjunction mean? While this is different for each individual, some collective experiences might also be true. With Capricorn representing the government and social structures, including financial institutions and rules of law, we could be seeing how these aspects are being transformed. The first conjunction was April 5, 2020. We can look back to see what was in play at that time for some clues.

This obviously was the time when most of the world was implementing strategies and protocols for the shutting down of society, instituting lockdown measures, and coming up with plans for how to survive and cope. All of what we have been through will be up for discussion now. Very noteworthy is that Mercury will go retrograde, a time of evaluation and internal questioning (as well as secrets coming out of the cracks), on June 18 – precisely as Mars sextiles the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction.

If that were not all, June 20 brings the Summer Solstice, the longest day in the northern hemisphere, and the first day of Cancer. Most importantly, we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21. This is all incredibly potent astrology. A lot of things are happening at once.

Many things are coming together now to be reexamined, refined, and reinterpreted. There is a potential to get overwhelmed at what one learns, especially if it takes down the official narrative. Take it slow and steady. Be kind to yourself and others as there may be those who will need to be looked after. Seemingly over-reactionary premises could collapse under new information. There can also be the potential that further measures to reinforce something false could go to extreme measures as an ideology of “losing control” could abound.

It can be very helpful to keep in mind that what ever is surfacing is being done to help us move forward toward a more sustainable and authentic presence in the world. This is about you and what is meaningful to you. We are working to lay stronger foundations in whatever area is drawing our attention, using our energy constructively, tapping into transformative and regenerative resources, and ultimately letting new currents of life flow in and get flushed out of our lives. Take one step at a time and appreciate that you have the potential for real change now.

Making another appearance this week are the 7 of Cups and Queen of Swords. The first thing I heard in my head when I saw this layout was “clearing our way”. The Queen of Swords is doing just that. It is apparent that the week starts off with our state of mind being very clear, having emerged from some kind of confusing situation. She always shows us a way forward and with a gentle acceptance of the cycles of life (and death).

The wind has blown through her land and cleared out the storms. The air pressure rises and the clear blue sky emerges, pristine and turquoise. She sees through all the flaws. She cannot be stained for she has risen above deception. She leads us to the light so that all fear and distress can be left behind. In her we can find shelter. She makes us seek the safety of the wings of enlightenment.

What we have come into contact with has allowed us to touch our inner sense of accomplishment. She is letting us know that it is alright to celebrate, that we can relax now and enjoy a turn in the tide. She is saying to us, turn around! Look! Look at all you’ve done. Go ahead and enjoy, you deserve it! Make a wish now as you approach Wednesday and Thursday. The 9 of Cups is a wish card. Look to where you want to go and feel yourself being drawn there. The energies of the current eclipse season is upon us and drawing things in. Take some time to direct it intentionally.

This is what is described in the 7 of cups. We have turned around, we are looking at our dreams and potential outcomes, and we are engaged with the magic that surrounds them. What do they say? How are they speaking? What fills you with excitement and a little fear? Can you feel yourself being stretched into the unknown by your emerging confidence? Does anything hold you back?

It seems that the Mercury retrograde will bring back some ideas to you. Let it flow over you and don’t resist anything. Curiosity brings in the tide of abundance and we have so much to choose from. We need to choose wisely, yes. But we have come so far. Surely, we know what is best for us. Let us make those decisions for ourselves. Others can make their own choices, and we can find harmony in the diversity that is all around us. When we don’t hold ourselves back, we will not find that predisposition to hold others back. We all move forward, and that is to be celebrated.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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