Your Week Ahead: June 21 to 27, 2020 – Grace Becomes Us

Ace of Cups, 2 of Wands, The Empress, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

Welcome to a beautiful opening and perhaps, a new fresh chapter unfolding. The Ace of Cups appears at the beginning of this weeks reading just as we are experiencing the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Eclipse season is a time for intentionally doing things you love doing and want to see yourself involved in with a greater capacity. Its power is tremendous in giving traction to what we value most, and this is an opportunity for such patterns to be given attention.

Along with the Annular Solar Eclipse (a solar eclipse where the Moon is a little further away from the Earth at its meeting with the Sun), we have two notable stations: Neptune (sometimes referred to as the higher octave or vibration of Venus) goes retrograde on Tuesday, and Venus herself stations direct on Thursday. Both of these directional shifts will produce a change in consciousness and energy. While a retrograde will initiate a review and internal focus, often revealing some deeper or hidden element, a station direct can bring messages that allow us to feel refreshed and ready to literally “move forward”. While Neptune’s retrograde may feel like you’re seeing things a little more real, Venus stationing direct could provide you with a blessing in disguise.

Because these two planets are virtually standing still during their change of direction, their energy is very strong. In combination with the eclipse, this will definitely give us a combined array of tools to put to use so that we can sift out parts of our lives that have perhaps discouraged us, challenged us, or held us back. While many planets are currently retrograde (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, with Uranus and Mars in August and September), it is still a time to closely monitor and adjust our expectations about our destination.

I wish I could say what will happen next. In truth, life is a developing story. We only need to pay attention to the information that is given to us right now, today. There is no wrong answer and you won’t know until you try. Ask the Universe to give you what you need in order to make the best decisions. Then see what happens. Feel your way through things as they surface, like swimming in a moving river. Don’t be afraid to move forward and don’t be afraid to let things go even if you should feel like you’re in a whirlpool at the moment. You are safe.

Annular Solar Eclipse (not Total) otherwise known as “The Ring of Fire”.

Nothing could be more beautiful than the Ace of Cups, especially to coincide with the New Moon and Solar Annual Eclipse. We are gifted and blessed with something truly divine, which will see us through a next cycle of growth and activity. Grace enters the chalice as an abundance of nourishing waters seeks to fill our heart and spirit with love.

The thing to notice here is that the cup transforms into the small globe that the man in the 2 of Wands is holding. It seems this change of formation (transformation) is described by the sacred wafer that the dove holds in its beak as it descends.

While this suggests not only a movement from spirit into the physical, it is describing an idea that is planted in our mind-stream. Perhaps we are suddenly inspired (in spirit) to contemplate a new direction or approach, or even a new path that is becoming more apparent to us. We could be ready to leave something we know to be solid for something that is yet viewed as “potential”. Be curious about that and be open to the messages you receive about how you may be able to enhance this area.

With the Ace representing “one”, and moving up to a “two” card, we see the major arcana’s “three” card: The Empress. Sitting at her seat of luxury and comfort, upon the sign and crest of Venus, we are taken to an environment of lush fertility. We are experiencing unity and connection with things on a deep emotional level.

We are in an embrace with life. The movement from one to three further characterizes growth and how we are evolving well in a forward direction. We are given what we need at this time and the unfolding energy of the eclipse seems to be working very much in our favour. Something appears to be manifesting in a direct way that has the feeling of a blessing.

This layout has co-creation written all over it. Moving in concert with positive elements of life, well, it is very fortunate. At this time, we are doing really good work. We are paying attention and making use of every gift provided to us. We are not rash. We are thoughtful. We are mindful. We value this time. We appreciate these moments, the true authentic moments that are free of discord, and that allow us to clearly feel our purpose.

Purpose is a wave of pure energy radiating from our core. It is harmony – and it is the overtones that ring out from its vibration that alters the very molecular structure of our experience. If the Ace is grace and the seed for our garden, and the 2 of Wands is the grace that moves into potential, then The Empress is that grace personified. We are the garden. And Grace Becomes Us.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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