Your Week Ahead: August 23 to 29, 2020 – The Heart Of Creation

The High Priestess, Page of Cups, and 3 of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

From the depths of our psyche, lie the waters, still and beautiful and serene. What we know, what we think we may know, leads us inwards to be felt on a level that words no longer have any bearing. What we are seeking is true insight and meaning that is at the heart of everything we are and stand for.

It is my feeling that we always seem to meet the High Priestess when something is out of alignment. We seek her guidance to find or confront the true meaning behind the illusion of our existence. She brings us to the root of things that are beyond any notions of duality. She brings us to the heart centre where psychologically, the inner and out reality meet.

She says to us that our illusions are a shifting landscape that are based on a seed of thought or paradigm of belief. If we have the courage to find the answers we may be looking for, indeed what we may be compelled to be looking for, than we have a moment here to go beyond the veil of what we know, to find and bring about a new state of awareness.

It is soft and gentle here with currents and breezes that seem to speak in voices through the air. We are in a land of omens and dreams, where life becomes alive, where we interpret events stripped of intellect and reason. Here, the animals and trees speak their wisdom. Here, everything is unified. This is where we seem to be drawn as the week begins and we are searching for something, an answer to how we can resolve a discrepancy.

As we move past her veil, we come to find a child enchanted and fascinated by a magic fish. This child knows not of worldly pursuits and cares nothing for ambition nor fame. She simply enjoys the moment and the magic that it brings to her. Did she create it in her mind and it suddenly jumped out instantly?

The heart of creation is like this. We don’t understand it. It is beyond logic and reason. It is a force that surfaces from within us that creates life and magic as it comes into form. Our innocent approach creates the space for fantasy to enter. We have not shut it down because of our concerns for worldly affairs. We are not distracted by social expectations and commitments.

And this is the message that the High Priestess has for us. What we are seeking, what we must remember in our yearning, is that we are children in this cosmic play of life. Ever playful and innocent, taking every moment with a light and joyful touch. Letting life happen on its own without the need to control it. Letting things move you and make you laugh uncontrollably, this is the magic of creation.

It’s not about perfection and grand design. It’s about the raw experience of freedom, free of anything that would hold you back, which are ideas about behaviour. Find and bring back true authentic joy in basic little things. Be a child. Go to the park and play frisbee. Paint with water colours. Go for a bike ride and explore like you used to when you were a kid. Do anything that isn’t intellectual by nature. What is needed here is to be unrestrained. We need to enter the child’s world and abandon the adult world. At least for now.

What we will come to understand in this process, a process that should be repeated often, is how we bring these seeds of playfulness into our experience and express ourselves to others. It is the value of authentic creation that has been made manifest by our ability to let it surface freely.

Once it becomes an element that we express, that we can identify in greater form, then we can utilize the intellect in ways to shape it, enhance it, and to get feedback on it. Here we can take our creation to a higher level. As we have not disturbed its nucleus, its primal character, then we can move it into the sphere of evaluation – the process of value creation.

The magic that we have touched upon becomes a benchmark of beauty and outstanding art. What has moved us to tears will move others beyond words because of the heart of its authenticity. It has grown larger than us because of our loving attention and care to its nature. That it has moved us and grown through us and as a result of us, is a testament to the power of life and to the force that is beyond anything reasoned and comprehended.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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