Your Week Ahead: July 4 to 10, 2021 – Wrapping It Up

4 of Coins, Page of Swords, and Knight of Wands, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

In assessing any reading, I will always find myself drawn to a particular card, either by its placement, its relationship to the other cards, or its own intensity within the deck pantheon. The Knight of Wands is such a card for this week. While the others provide context, it is the knight that emphasizes the destination we are working toward and how that will feel as we set that up.

In my title “Wrapping It Up”, one would presume there to be a card of completion or culmination, such as a 9, 10, or ace card, or The World, or perhaps even The Fool. However, we can also have micro versions of events that relay similar meanings, if perhaps more subtly.

This week feels quieter, more solid and more easy on the nervous system. It speaks to genuinely having prepared ourselves well in whatever occupied our lives recently. We are in a sense handing things over to the Knight of Wands for him to usher in new energy and direction.

The energy of the 4 of Coins beside the Page of Swords is gentle. They aspect one another in a complimentary way. The four is showing our ability to come back to some basics about our plan, perhaps attending to some final details and making some possible adjustments about our future expenses or vision.

We’re working with a more solid and realistic methodology that is invested in a balanced outlook. We’re pondering, planning and making prudent decisions that are sustainable. This approach is working very well for us, as characterized by the page, for we are creating a mindset that is not stressed.

The page represents our youthful approach to issues. The swords will be about intellect, discernment and knowledge, particularly as it relates to a young person. In essence, free from the more serious adult perspectives that can often feel heavy and burdensome, giving rise to the other meanings of the sword cards that reflect conflict and anxiety.

This speaks even more so to the positive work coming through the energy of the 4 of Coins. It is a setup for success and growth, because any future endeavour marked by the compression of anxiety or fear will amplify feelings of defeatism and victimization. This invariably creates a situation whereby we overly identify with the struggle.

There needs to be an exit point, and now, it appears that exit point is here. It does not necessarily represent an exit from all issues. However, it can definitely show how we are shifting away from something heavy while moving toward a new and optimistic horizon.

The Knight of Wands is all about new horizons. He isn’t as rash as the Knight of Swords, nor as ponderous as the Knight of Cups or Coins. He represents movement and energy that is well guided and well fostered.

The knight takes the initiative and is very action oriented. By looking to what is setting up the knight, we can see indications of where we are working with good information and a solid platform, or if we are working with pretence.

With the merchant attending to the details in the four, it is as if the page comes forward and says, “You’re good to go! Godspeed!” If you find this is the case with you this week, congratulations. It appears you’ve done some very good work. Send the knight off toward your beautiful aspirations. You have an ally that is taking you to the next level and putting you in touch with all the right circumstances, people, and places at precisely the right time. Feel reassured for you have done well.

With the New Moon occurring over July 9 and 10, this week will be the best time to wrap things up as we send it off, and send ourselves off into new directions.

Affirmation: I have done my best to set myself up for success. I attend well to the details and look after whatever may need adjustment. My attention to these matters creates feelings of confidence in my ability to respond and to plan with foresight. With a gentle ease, I send off my aspirations to the universe and to the energy that holds me and guides me. May it all unfold perfectly.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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