Your Week Ahead: August 22-28, 2021 – The Hidden Is Revealed

The High Priestess, The Hanged Man, and The Lovers, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

A striking reading heralds this coming week ahead, dominated by a beautiful and powerful layout of major arcana cards. Parallel to this, we have a potent and powerful Full Moon on Sunday which is bringing to surface many things for many people. With The High Priestess initiating us into this week, her lunar landscape and deep association with our inner wisdom presents us with a contact point into something very special and revealing.

Entering the realm of The High Priestess, we enter into her cool waters and are welcomed by her calling to be with her. Hers is an invitation to feel the truth and indeed, to know it. It is not as simple as that however. The message here is about becoming quiet, by sitting down and being pulled into the great mysteries of the unconscious.

Allowing ourselves to acclimatize to her vibration is a process by which the wavelengths of our brain activity slow into a meditative and receptive state. If we are too restless, we will not connect with her. Slowing down our breath, finding peace and quiet so as not to be disturbed, will allow for a shift in consciousness and open a door to another dimension. Passing through the pillars of dualism, we can experience what is behind the veil.

The Full Moon’s energy will be at its most potent, giving us extra support as it lights up the nocturnal landscape within and without. Spending time here in an unstructured manner will present us with psychic tools which become alive. What we are learning is sacred; how we are learning it is subtle.

There are no flashes of insight, no ground shaking impulses. There are no loud voices, no cries, no howls. Only the soft murmurs of a creek, the pulsing of crickets, and the sound of the soft wind on our face. Time has faded into the background of unknown time.

Passing lucidly before our mind are the surfacing memories and future visions that call out to us asking questions about our unfoldment in the universe. “Who am I, where am I, what am I – in all of this great expanse?”

There are questions being asked even if we don’t have the words to formulate them. Whatever we want to know, we radiate outwards. It is our yearning for oneness, for unity with the divine, with Mother Cosmos, and with ourselves.

Emerging from our meditation, reemerging into the slow dawning of our tangible sense organs, we see things differently. The Hanged Man is not just about integration, it is a transition into embodiment. Here, there can be flashes of insight and deep realizations.

The discomfort of the position we are in is often about being between pure truth and the alignment with that truth. Wearing the blue coat soaked with the blue waters of The High Priestess, the sun of The Lovers card shines brightly behind our heads.

This is a moment of immense clarity and vision. There maybe answers coming to our questions. However, what I see more – and what might be more valuable at this time – is our authenticity. The only thing that ever holds us back in our experience is our inability to know ourselves. Once the truth of that knowing emerges, we become radiant with light and empowerment.

Authenticity is the vibration of pure positive energy. It is the absence of deception, lies, and control. As The Lovers card shows, we are naked and free to experience the brilliance of the light radiating from the angel and from consciousness.

Unity is always an internal experience. We must connect to our pure nature as an inward journey, claiming or reclaiming lost or fragmented parts of our self. The High Priestess is opening a door for us this week to find something that was lost or forgotten. Diving into her depths is a surrender that we need to allow.

Holding our breath is perhaps The Hanged Man’s experience. Letting go of the breath is letting go of control. If we can do this, then we can leave the illusion that we are separated from our truth. And truth will, and always does, break through the darkness. This isn’t an ordinary moment of the sun coming up in the morning. This is a cellular awakening. This is the energy that creates suns and galaxies.

This week is a beautiful opportunity to slow down and connect, and to create an inner environment which is receptive to subtle vibrations and energy. Take time to find words and thoughts that align with that energy. When the moment is right, you will know and take yourself down from your upside down position, taking your place under the radiance of that which is fully revealed.

Affirmation: Everything is available to me. All potentials that were hidden are now alive. I allow myself to experience my truest self and to come forward and be seen. I love myself, and I express this love as a creative impulse to participate in the dance of life.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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