Your Week Ahead: January 22 to 28, 2023 – Valedictorian

Justice, 9 of Pentacles, and 6 of Wands, from the The Star Tarot created by Cathy McClelland (

Staying strong and committed to our desires through all kinds of tests is not always easy. Indeed, it calls forth from us a great deal of focus and determination, as well as self-awareness of our tendencies or reactions. We don’t know how things will turn out because ultimately it is probably not the outcome as much as the journey that is important.

What we learn about ourselves during any situation that is perhaps stressful or anxious is what stays with us through time, placing layer upon layer of wisdom and mastery. I would offer that experiences must be viewed this way lest we see our life as a way of gaining power over others as we look to our victories as measures of personal success.

It is with the deepest appreciation for whatever encounters we have that show how we are not really in it for power and righteousness, but rather for the lessons we learn about ourselves and our resiliency. If we have this kind of approach, we will have already looked at our motivations and asked ourselves if we are correct in our pursuits. Appreciation here means we have taken out the confrontational part of the equation, if albeit momentarily, and saw the interaction as part of our shadow work and of our maturity to bring the best part of ourselves, the light, forward.

The ability to bring our light to our actions is our personal work with ourselves and the universe. We bring unity within us, not to be reconciled, but to reestablish our connection to the harmony that has never left us. We can win and we can lose; these are dualities that we identify with as measures of success. When we move past them, we are unaffected by these definitions based on duality, and see our experiences as our life path which we attempt to master.

“…a moment is given to us to accept a change in consciousness, to step off into a different focus or vibration.”

This might be the message that Justice brings us this week. Something is reaching a crossroads and a moment is given to us to accept a change in consciousness, to step off into a different focus or vibration. Justice brings acceptance, a decision, a balancing out of the equation. It provides us with the ability to walk away from something that we were preoccupied with. Justice also brings balance within ourselves so that we can once again engage with things productively.

Whatever energy we have put into things and however way we have approached them, hopefully with integrity, will yield to us the appropriate outcome. As stated above, we could feel good or bad about this. However, what we have learned will ultimately be the truest indicator of Justice’s “verdict”.

If we look to the cards that aspect Justice in a reading, we could get a sense of how we may feel or where we may be encouraged to go. While this lies within the dualistic labels I was suggesting to avoid, we also get information to work with, and that is the tool that the tarot gives us.

What is evident is that a favourable outcome has been reached, one that is serving us very much. The 9 of Pentacles here suggests personal success and a feeling that our commitment to our self-worth will pay off. She represents the personal rewards that come about by standing on our own, in our truth, and in our integrity. There might have been some sacrifices made as we separated ourselves from the chaff of public opinion, or even self-doubt. What is shown is the reward and the sense of accomplishment we feel after a period of testing.

Our hearts appear lifted, and our once held dove transforms into a radiant star that takes us high into the sky of acknowledgement. The 6 of Wands is a card of vindication, of leadership, and praise. It can represent a time where we are seen by others as trailblazers and valedictorians. We offer a way forward because of our example. We have not sought out this attention; it has come to us without our asking. We are heartened and warmed not so much by compliments, but by our sense of purpose meeting with a loving universe. It is Spirit speaking through the voices of Nature that we hear. There may be no one around yet everything seems to be saying, “Well done!”. Give thanks to those who offered support. Now see where you are led and what beautiful doors open up.

Affirmation: I may have felt like I was struggling or that I couldn’t catch up. It’s okay, sometimes life feels chaotic. I am being given an opportunity to regain balance and to move forward in a new way and with new energy. I have the strength and ability to stay true to myself and I have done well. I appreciate this moment of support and offer my thanks to all the helping hands. I am moving forward now with so much potential. I am Free to be Me.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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