New Moon Reading – Sunday February 26, 2017 (Solar Eclipse)




There are moments in our lives when patience and inner strength seem to be what is asked of us. Making use of our time creatively to connect with our most positive intentions, nourishing them and fine tuning them. Allowing ourselves to gently incubate our dreams and wishes while maintaining a balance between appreciating what is present in our lives and what we wish to bring into our experience.

This months reading has a beautiful message. It reveals to us that our efforts and focus can produce results even if we feel as though nothing is happening fast enough or in the way we want. What is being shown here is that the momentum of our focus will and does affect what occurs in our life. This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, so the potency of this energy is ours to tap into and cultivate. But deeper, it is an invitation to experience the results of that which was set into motion by the intentions we have already laid as our foundation.

In the first card, we see (and almost feel) eight wands beautifully aligned and ready to meet their target. As an arrow falls, it is no longer propelled by the forces exerted upon it to go upward; it is falling as a result of the momentum achieved from that force. These are our intentions set forth into the universe, and the card is showing us how the time for effort and action has passed. We are no longer in command because we have handed over control to the laws of physics. We are letting go.

When we see the 8 of Wands in a reading, it is important to look at the next card because it can show what possible result is (or will be) unfolding as a result of what we have “launched”. What amazes me is that the Wheel of Fortune makes an aspect to the 8 of Wands, portraying it as an archery target for the “Quarrels”. We have definitely aimed at a marker, one that has the potential for a major paradigm shift.

The Wheel of Fortune is about change, usually but not always, positive change. It too suggests momentum because, as we notice the wheel turning, we realize that it does so precisely when we step back to understand what exactly is going on. We look around and notice that people are different, our reactions are different, and our awareness is different.

We begin to understand our lives on a cellular level and a change in consciousness occurs as the patterning in our lives is revealed to us. When the Wheel of Fortune appears, it is also a time to check in with our integrity because, in the major arcana line, Justice follows as the 11th card. The Justice card has the message about accepting the results of our actions as we continue on our journey. If our integrity is sound, we can feel empowered in this moment of change, excited about the future and feel as though we are creating our reality in beautiful and inspired ways.

As we look ahead to the future, we can indeed see that something immensely beautiful and joyful is manifesting for us. The Sun is the outward expression of our inner abundance. Our inner child is free to laugh and play while holding a banner of victory. We are surrounded by the radiant sun, bathing us in warmth and light – and truth. For here, nothing is hidden. We are not in the realm of the moon, in shadows or illusions. We are experiencing the clarity of our purpose and we are supported unconditionally.

These three cards are wonderfully connected, each by a clear blue sky in the background. Even the sun is making a visual connection to the centre wheel, which for me further enhances the premise that our outer lives are reflections of our inner patterns. Looking further back to the 8 of Wands shows us how much we care and how we have attentively guided our intentions to their desired goal. When the conditions are right and we become aligned with the flow of our non-resisted state of being, the universe responds to us.

Or is it we who have opened our eyes to see what has always been there?


I wish you much happiness, joy and success in whatever way is meaningful for you!


Thanks for reading,

Daniel Palmo



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6 thoughts on “New Moon Reading – Sunday February 26, 2017 (Solar Eclipse)

  1. What a great reading! I love that this is a solar eclipse and the sun is one of the cards!! This reading is very encouraging to me. Thanks!! Sending love & light. 🙂


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