New Moon Reading – Monday March 27, 2017

NMR - Mar 27, 2017


In this month’s New Moon Reading, we are being shown themes surrounding finances and the integrity of our self worth. There is a beautiful thread here that says, take a moment to assess and organize the components that sustain our needs, wrap up any pending business in order to move ahead, and then let our awareness rise above it so that we may share our abundance with others.

Let’s start with the King of Wands in the centre position representing our current situation. Above all, the King is the mature adult that applies greater awareness and responsibility to our lives. In the Wands suit, he is overseeing the various projects and goals that he has initiated at an earlier time. The King feels a mandate within him to ensure that his domain thrives. His energy is to move forward with the full empowerment of his authority, which is fuelled by his unshakeable positivity.

If you are a woman reading this, it is a helpful reminder to understand that the energy of the masculine is within your psyche, just as the feminine principle is a deep part of a man’s psyche. To have a whole and integrated life experience is to allow these two to flow harmoniously within us. Feeling the urge to take command and ensure success in one’s life is the message that the King of Wands brings us.

The clue to what gives this reading its deeper meaning lies in the King’s gaze to the left card: the 4 of Pentacles. Here we can understand what the King is working on. In this card, we are stepping back and reassessing some element of structure within our life. Perhaps we need to look at our finances and observe how our resources are being allocated.

This may involve evaluating our investments and monthly expenditures so that we are staying in touch with changing realities. Often, this card brings up details about money flow and can help bring our attention to expenses that don’t serve us any longer.

In working with the 4 of Pentacles, it is important not to get stuck in the mindset of “lack”. Laying a foundation that is strong involves paying attention to our “now” but it should not prevent us from inviting the wealth that we desire – that we should continue to visualize and affirm. If we can keep our focus on feeling good as we manage our energetic resources and finances, we will strengthen our self worth, as we will no doubt feel good about the changes we are making. Resources and self worth are connected and they speak to the integrity of our values and how we safeguard them in our daily experience.

The aspect between the King of Wands and the 4 of Pentacles suggests that if we are unable to take care of ourselves first, we will not have the time, money or energy to share anything with others. If we understand that abundance is the flow of energy that we have turned our attention to, focused upon and then allowed into our lives, then the King becomes relevant and his awareness is applied as being of benefit to ourselves first, in turn that we can be of benefit to others.

The right card, the 3 of Cups, is showing us the fruit of our efforts and how we are able to share freely with the people in our lives. Here, we are seeing the manifestation of our work and the joyous celebration in the partaking of the abundance we have created – or co-created. The interesting thing about generosity is that all our relationships have so often created the platform in which abundance flows to us. The more we give, the more we receive; the more we receive, the more we are able to give. Deeper, what we keep to ourselves can become stagnant, while the overflow that we celebrate with others becomes infinite.

Co-creation can occur intentionally within a partnership where the same goal is desired. Or, it can take place when cooperative elements of the same nature compliment each other so that each party benefits and reaps the reward that each has intended. The resulting synergy becomes an intertwining exchange and flow that allows us to rise above our individual experiences of the world and to participate in a “harvest” which we all have worked towards.

When the King thrives, his people thrive; when the people thrive, the King thrives. In appreciating the elements of the abundance around us through our positive mindset and vision, we tune into the vibration of that abundance more consistently so that its energy becomes a dominant component of our experience. Sustainability becomes the overflowing dance that we join in with others, and we are glad.


Thanks for reading!


Daniel Palmo


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