New Moon Reading – Wednesday April 26, 2017

NMR - Apr 26, 2017


The reading of this New Moon is deep and flowing like the waters of our psyche. We are like an ocean. The vast subconscious holds so many impressions, memories and emotions. They find a home there as we tuck them away in the recesses of our mind with a hopeful wish that whatever may have caused us distress has moved out of our life experience.

I am not one for lingering on past pain since I feel it is more important to create new stories for our future and to feel the positivity of those vibrations gain momentum and traction in our present. However, I also acknowledge the need to release old patterns of thought and the hold that they can have over us. This requires some time and patience as we approach tender memories and the emotional residues left behind.

But we cannot identify and embrace a new pattern of thought until we have known why it is we need to change it. Where did the thought arise? Who influenced it? Whose belief structure did it support? Is it in harmony with my values? Does it reflect my personal truth? Do I feel guilty about changing anything in my life?

This reading is about moving past a barrier that has held us back in some way. What we have now is a beautiful moment of alignment, where things have come together to facilitate healing and growth. In a sense, we are in the right place at the right time; in one word, we are: ready.

The Star needs no commentary to show its calm and peaceful nature. Here, we are in a state of grace, where our resistance doesn’t hamper our longing for spiritual renewal. The water seems to flow out from our being, through the jars, and back into the waters of our unconscious and onto the land of our outer experience. It speaks of our inner connectedness between the two realms, where we feel that our energy is effortlessly replenished.

As the morning approaches, an angel bursts forth from above calling us and awakening us. The waters of The Star has maintained it presence in the Judgement card. What we have tapped into has emerged out of the depths for us to accept fully and release. Judgement is the joyful resurrection of our life, the call to move on to our beautiful future, to an existence that is more in harmony with our higher intentions. In many ways, the change has already occurred within us. Now, we are called forth into that new paradigm to participate more fully and consciously.

Before we start being concerned with the pain and dreary imagery of the 3 of Swords, let us look at some colour connections between it and Judgement. Notice the grey tones of the corpses rising out of their coffins in Judgment, and the grey rain clouds in the 3 of Swords. Notice that the element of water has changed from the unconscious “ocean” to rain falling from those clouds. Also, notice that the angel is riding grey clouds that seem to connect to the clouds in the 3 of Swords.

The 3 of Swords is a saturation point. It is a release. Here we see a red heart indicating pain and heartache. However, the Swords suit is not an emotional “Cups” suit, it is about the element of air and so points to our thoughts. When our ideas and thoughts become established in situations that are not serving us, we can feel bound in and isolated from other perspectives that can free it. We can feel as though we can’t think differently, or can’t speak out. We are entangled, often by circumstance.

The colour connection is showing us that something that has gone on for some time in more general terms is now being applied to something much more specific. The informing qualities of these subtle patterns are now not only finding less hold over our conscious decisions, they are actually being addressed in a situation that has caused us distress and anxiety. The two are linked energetically.

The heart here is pierced by three swords and what is inside is released. An uncomfortable relationship, be it personal or business, has lost its oppressive hold simply due to the fact that the elements that bound it have changed. It can no longer contain its ingredients and is emptied. These elements will be about our beliefs and thoughts surrounding the relationship and our wellbeing within it. It is a wonderful reminder that we are not our relationship; we are ourselves first.

When we endeavour to untie a knot, we move into the centre of the knot. Outward force only enhances the tension between the ingredients. But in neutral force, the energy between forces, things come apart and lose their relevance. It can be the same with any uncomfortable experience: the moment we are at peace with ourselves, the more at peace we are with the new environment that is unfolding – that has unfolded, that is already waiting for us with outstretched arms.


Thanks for reading,


Daniel Palmo



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One thought on “New Moon Reading – Wednesday April 26, 2017

  1. wow, my first impression was ‘ouch’ and of course was curious what you’re going to say and yes, right on daniel as you’re confirming my own personal signs in and around me; excellent interpretation of the cards that could so easily be misunderstood; looking so forward to my personal reading with you on saturday 🙂 thank you!

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