New Moon Reading – Friday June 23, 2017

NMR - June 24, 2017


The brilliance of the Tarot keeps astonishing me time and time again. The three cards in this reading for the New Moon is like one canvas stretching past barriers of past, present and future. There is a message that seems to flow through the clouds of each card, presenting us at the end with gifts we didn’t expect but that have such value.

In one of the most powerful images of the Queen, we see above all else the immense clarity of her vision. She seems to soar above the clouds like the distant Eagle, emblematic of her pristine intellect and fairness of judgment. The Swords suit, representing the intellect, can often be portrayed as a harsh component of our lives. But far from harsh, this Queen is wise.

The sword cuts through and its energy is direct and pronounced. However, when blended with the feminine, we see the softer guidance being offered here in the Queen’s gentle hand extending forward. She is looking toward the future and is giving permission to go forward. But permission is a key word here.

There is an element of the Queen of Swords that also reveals something she has been through that has given her this clarity and wisdom. Since the feminine nature has a lot to do with how we nourish ourselves inwardly and outwardly, her embracing of the sword shows how she herself underwent a process of cutting away from confusion and possibly even from neglect. The sword became a tool to embody and our rejuvenated integrity is carried forward.

This is our “recent past”. We have been through some circumstance that has altered our tolerance for the status quo. But we sit on our throne, balanced, tempered and untainted by the discomfort our past has challenged us to confront. We can once again raise a hand to the future and give it permission to enter our lives. We allow.

The clouds now connect to the central and “present” Wheel of Fortune. Change is inevitable when we are released from our attachment to the past. Nature is the embodiment of change, always moving and adapting. I like to think of change and evolution as witnessing the sacred feminine. The Queen had to rise and take hold of the sword, but in so doing, came closer to her true nature.

This process speaks to how we all contain the feminine and masculine within us, drawing on each as life asks. The Queen holds a sword pointed straight, showing directness and a more masculine approach to her authority. The King of Swords holds his at an angle, showing a softer, more relaxed expression of his rulership, which can be seen as feminine.

Stepping back from the wheel, we can begin to notice how all the different components of our lives are working together. The Queens sword now rests on the shoulder of the Sphinx sitting at the top of the wheel. Her wisdom is now integrated into a greater process that is assisting a positive momentum forward.

As the tenth card, the Wheel of Fortune is a culmination of processes that have given us a lot of information to work with as we continue forward. As the “present” card, we have the opportunity to witness and glimpse all the disparate components working together. Life is working in our favour.

Content and relaxed, we can now perhaps meditate on some questions: When things are working in our favour and we feel a sense of providence, is that an external element that comes to us, or have we created positive opportunities? Where does providence come from? How can we achieve greater alignment with the abundance we are visualizing?

This is how I interpret the next card as the “near future”. The clouds in the Wheel of Fortune have produced a kind of cloud burst in the 4 of Cups. But the seated person is not noticing it. What is presented in this visually effortless and spontaneous manifestation? Is it the product of our alignment? Is it giving us what we need rather than what we asked for?

Such is the nature of abundance. What sustains growth is often a missing piece in the connective puzzle of things, that we don’t recognize its value until later. Again, another influence of the Wheel of Fortune’s ability to give us greater perspective on life once we step back a little.

The four yellow butterflies in the crown (mind power) of the Queen’s “intentions”, have taken flight to the four corners of the Wheel of Fortune. Transformed into yellow winged beings, they embody transformed thought. Transformed again, they appear as yellow cups laid before the man, showing a manifestation grounded in reality.

And just as the cup emerged from nowhere, the seated person is inside himself or herself, in contact with something unseen. We are connecting to the same source and well-being; we only need to recognize this.

We can perhaps consider that providence and our intentions and visualizations are the same thing. Whether we are the beneficiaries of blessings from our spirit guides, our gurus, or the loving universe, the answer may very well be that we have raised our awareness and personal vibration to the vibrations of our spirit guides, etc., and the vibrational essence of our own beautiful intentions.

In Buddhism for example, there are Bodhisattvas that operate on higher formless expressions of compassion. They are considered very powerful aids on the path because of their direct and immediate contact with us. In this way, we can understand that their activity is free of resistance.

We can also achieve a non-resistant state of being by meditation, creative or energetic work that connects us to our core essence. This is how tuning into the flow of abundance and our natural state of being allows that expression to enter from the non-physical into the physical.

It can be that in this process we feel true upliftment and true connection, and that we feel our deepest acknowledgment and purpose. The 4 of Cups is saying: appreciate all the manifestations that appear. There is something special in the air!


Thanks for reading,

Daniel Palmo

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