New Moon Reading – Sunday July 23, 2017

NMR - July 23, 2017


“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

― Paulo Coelho


This quote from the famous novel, The Alchemist, is the central message of this month’s New Moon Reading. It also sums up the experience most people have when they arrive at a cross roads in life that asks the question: am I alone in all my searching, striving, and deepest yearning?

The central card here is The World. It magnetizes our attention and holds a special significance in relation to the cards on either side. It is both the end and the beginning, a vortex we pass through, and a direct encounter with Spirit.

Events from our recent past are reflected in the first card, the 10 of Wands. The image shows a person carrying an uncomfortable and heavy load. We have worked very hard ensuring all the projects we’ve initiated have been well tended to. These are our tasks and we somehow have not trusted others to do the good and necessary work.

We simply know we can do better than others, and more, we don’t want to risk losing the integrity we have worked so hard to maintain. We have not delegated when we probably could have because our determination to succeed depends upon our singular focus and stamina. However, we have reached the end. We approach the village, stumbling and bent over in exhaustion, almost unable to even see what is before us.

And what is before us is indeed The World. The woman dancing in the sky gazes at us and greets us, ushering us to join in the dance of life. In our deepest commitment, we have trusted our innate strength to see it through and we bring completion to our work knowing that its value will take us through to the future. We hear within our heart and soul that we have made it, that we have passed many tests, and that the Universe will always meet us half way in its support and acknowledgment of us.

The World card is the last trump card of the major arcana. Its appearance is a sign of success and achievement. We are experiencing right now a deep and powerful moment of oneness. Our aspirations have met with grace and blessing. Almost beyond words, we look around and feel our deepest spirit. The sky vibrates and almost sings of our praises. We are transformed and overwhelmed by pure positive energy.

When our vibration is lifted in this way, we stop interacting with the outside world in the same way as before. The shift causes a natural change in our perception of who and what we encounter that we are no longer in contact with situations that don’t serve us. We no longer see things the same way and the things that have been with us in our environment are transformed or released.

We become unified with life and its process in a way that is beyond conceptual thinking. We simply become something new and the joy of this fulfillment is exemplified in The World dancer. In this rare and sublime moment, we take all that we are with us to the next chapter, the next level, and the new beginning. We are ready for a new cycle to start again.

In looking ahead, we have passed through the portal or circular wreath in The World and find ourselves on a boat on peaceful waters. Although our posture is the same, our burden has been reduced from ten wands to one. This, the 6 of Swords, is showing us that a time of relaxation and calm is ahead.

We may be taking a trip or a vacation. We may interact with a body of water, and actually that will assist in the replenishing of our mind as it flushes out the residual tension of our past efforts.

Maybe we are leaving for new shores. Maybe it is time leave. Has The World dancer asked us to leave behind our burdens and worries, to leave the “stuff” that has obscured our view?

We are with those we love and maybe we are meeting more loved ones who will nourish and protect us. Whatever we experience, it is evident that our finished work brings us peace of mind.

Let us all appreciate our journey, our efforts, and some well earned relaxation. I certainly wish that for you and hope that by connecting with The World card, you may find acknowledgement and achievement in whatever way is meaningful for you.

Thanks for reading,

Daniel Palmo

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3 thoughts on “New Moon Reading – Sunday July 23, 2017

  1. loved the reading, daniel; thank you! looking forward to its fulfilment especially with the full solar eclipse in august this should be really amazing time for us


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