New Moon Reading – Wednesday September 20, 2017

unfolding tarot - newmoonreading sept 20 2017
Emperor, Woman of Crystals, and Magician from the Voyager Tarot deck. (click image to view larger)


Our clarity of purpose and the integrity of our designs must always have a foundation that unifies our feminine and masculine energies. This months New Moon Reading, pulled from the Voyager Tarot deck, illustrates this principle well. To understand ourselves on a deeper level, it is important to be aware of how we can pay attention to this interplay of energy so that we are not pulled into either a headstrong assault on our environment nor a withdrawn and inactive observance of that which we wish to participate in.

The Emperor appears in the “recent past” position, which is suggesting that we are ready to establish our leadership and embark on a vision that has been simmering below the surface of our awareness for some time. Our desire to be in command and to organize people and principles is very active within our psyche. We want to be full participants in the exchange of energy with others and to lay a foundation that is sustainable and profitable.

The Emperor’s beautiful masculine energy shines here as we feel tuned into our abilities and talents. We are stretching our wings and allowing our horizons to grow. We want enterprise and thriving to radiate outwardly from our being.

Encountering the outside world, however, means interacting with other people’s viewpoints and opinions. The Emperor needs to understand that he is not defined by the struggle of his plans and he need not worry that his identification with his pursuits will cloud his judgement should he meet a challenge. Self-authority is a state of mind that is fed by our integrity.

This is where we meet the Woman of Crystals. She is emblematic of the need to safeguard our intentions. This is a calling to be strategic in our pause, to check our facts, and to allow our ideas and plans to settle in the mind without outside interference. If integrity feeds our self-authority, then our contact with the Woman of Crystals will guide us back into harmony and inner balance.

The danger here is a tendency to withdraw after a challenge and think that the information we’ve extracted from our actual past experience of something was wrong or worse, invalid. This can be a harsh component of our life when there is a lot of momentum set up against us. The mind can collapse in on itself and begin to see oppositions and threats in every aspect of life.

When we react from memories of the past, we can trust that the information that is surfacing is calling our attention for a reason. There is a diamond of truth that we need to get closer to and peeling off the layers of reactivity is an important part of being self-aware.

None of us is perfect and we all have those “buttons” that are pushed from time to time. The Emperor has risked being on the center stage and out in the open. He must do so in order to fulfill his energetic mandate. When we do this though, we are inevitably going to encounter a testing ground. If we are authentic with ourselves, we have a much better chance of working with people proactively rather than operating unconsciously from our insecurities.

In order to transform any setback into success is to view it as an opportunity to get back in touch with our personal truth and to change a viewpoint if it feels right to do so and after careful assessment. We can then restate our intentions to allow for any course corrections we know and feel to be good for us.

This way we are not defined by our opponents nor by our inner defeatist critic. We protect the nucleus of our positive thought paradigm and nurture it back to an outwardly expressive aspect of our self. The best part is that it is now even more valuable and unbreakable than before. The Woman of Crystals occupies our “present moment” and we can feel refreshed and protected in her company.

What better card to appear in our “near future” than the Magician. It is a signal that we are on the right track, that this outward (Emperor) and inward (Woman of Crystals) interplay of energies has served us immensely. Here, the Magician represents a maturation point.

Our renewed self is emerging and we feel clarity of purpose that is drawing creative energy down and through us. Careful planning and meditation have allowed us to step past an important barrier, and everything we are striving for now feels more tangible in our hands. We are reaching into the clay and sediment of creative life force free of limitations.

Closing our eyes, opening our eyes – the vision is becoming real. We cue on demand all the aspects of our dreams and wishes in an effortless flow of endless possibilities. We are balanced and in balance. We are connected to a multi-dimensional creative flow of pure positive energy. Our inner connection is our outer connection and in this moment, we have eased and soothed our resistance.

The sun is rising on a new day full of all the ingredients we have carefully listed in our intentions and vision boards. The world is our playground and we can give ourselves the freedom to fully experience it and enjoy it.

We deserve it. You deserve it.


Thanks for reading,

Daniel Palmo

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