Full Moon Meditation – Thursday October 5, 2017

high priestess


Sitting quietly, we move into stillness. Gently going deeper, gently…deeper. We sink below layers of intellect and rationalization. We leave the world and enter sublime peace. We feel a cool breeze on our face and gaze into the full moon’s reflection on the lapping lake in front of us. We do not notice time. Our awareness of things becomes heightened and we feel interconnected to the universe in a manner that is felt beyond words. We are interacting with form beyond form. Nature’s murmurs and rustlings become the voice of the Oracle. We sense her presence and feel her vibration everywhere.

Here, we are the great mystery. Here, we have access to all of our answers and guidance. Wisdom is available to us in our deepest core rising up like a pool channeled from deep beneath the Earth. We have access to powerful knowledge because it is free of time and space, free of limitation, free of resistance, and free of judgment and preclusion.

Here, we [become] the Sacred Feminine.


2 thoughts on “Full Moon Meditation – Thursday October 5, 2017

  1. The serenity of your words let us enter a state of much needed peaceful nothingness. Only then can we start seeing what was always there and have been looking for all along. A new journey can begin.


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