“Will I find my soulmate? When and where?”


What is really being stated here has more to do with a need for acknowledgment. “I exist! I have feelings! Why won’t anyone pay attention to me? Why won’t anyone listen or take me seriously?” Disconnection pervades almost every type of relationship question: the disconnection with one’s self, with one’s truth and center. This is magnified when we interact with others socially because the inner disconnect has become a silent pattern of thought that is informing and interpreting daily life.

Tarot cards will point the way but we must harness this tool with as much clarity and integrity as possible. The most important questions we could ask would be: “What do I really want? What card exemplifies me right now? What is occurring in my life right now? What can I work on within myself that will allow a healthy relationship to manifest? What is holding me back from allowing a relationship to manifest? How do I feel about myself? What is best for me at this time? Wildcard: Any advice from my spirit guides?”

If we are avoiding topics that encourage self-reliance, personal creativity and empowerment, self-love, and emotional stability, then we will have difficulty in finding these things in other people in a lasting or meaningful way. When we nourish these aspects, we promote the qualities of connection with all people and things. This is how we shine our light in the world. This is how the people we want in our lives notice us and are attracted to us.

Start small, with new statements and stories about yourself. Say three to ten positive intentions three times a week. Then every day. Use the tarot to help guide you. It takes so little to promote a shift, but the key is the traction and momentum you’ll begin to feel. Soon you’ll be inspired to do more, guided to do it better and to find people and places who can assist your commitment to yourself.

Fill your cup until it’s overflowing. From that overflow, you can truly give. And when we give, we receive, often in more beautiful ways than we ever expected.

Thanks for reading!

Daniel Palmo

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