New Moon Reading – Saturday November 18, 2017

unfolding tarot - newmoonreading nov 18 2017
From the Voyager Tarot: 3 of Crystals, Star, Magician. (click image for larger view)


This month’s New Moon Reading takes us directly into the subject of The Law of Attraction and how we create our reality. What better way to harness the potential of a new moon than to investigate how we can participate consciously in its energetic ingredients. Indeed, this reading is suggesting we already are.

Inherent in any new initiative is the cultivation of ideas. Examining what we love, what we are striving for and yearning to be a part of, and to express this in our world. If we look at the Three of Crystals, we can contextualize it as moving our ideas from an introspective quality to an outward one. This is what we would call Creativity.

Shown in this reading as the “recent past” card, the interpretation is that we have been nourishing and taking pleasure in this creative process, allowing our ideas to be incubated in self-love and self-connection. Creativity is the germination of thought form as we revise, re-sketch, and reframe things into more authentic, tangible and graspable expressions.

As we take our creations out into the world, we begin to understand how our power and our expressions shape the world we engage with. We start to feel how our inner connection is really about a larger connection and participation with a flow of energy that is incredibly abundant. Feeling this abundance takes us on a transcendent journey where the notion of separateness disappears.

Do we move more inwards or more outwards in this realisation? Are we connecting more with ourselves or with a collective and conscious universe? I would propose that it is always both. The path of creativity is a path to unity, to oneness. Here is where we meet the Star.

In the “present” card position, the Star holds the special significance of standing in our light. Whatever creative process we have been undertaking has taken us out of the mundane and into what feels like the center of our being. We have come into contact with our inner radiance and this moment is a recognition of that light. There is a shower of blessings as we are united (or reunited?) with our core.

Here we can simply “be”. The gentleness and calm of the Star is a time for healing and integration, which in turn affects our environment and those who are interacting with us. Whether we know it or not, we are inspiring others through our star-like quality. We assist others and show solutions or alternatives simply by our commitment to our personal creative vision and expression.

As we engage and embark from this premise and paradigm, we ourselves benefit from helping others, as this propels us further along our star path. Acknowledging our radiance is about acknowledging the radiance in others. We have arrived here in a moment of unity, not ego gratification. Unity, not divisiveness, is the path to synergy and positive relating. This is how our hearts overflow, how star energy is shared and celebrated.

The subtle meaning behind the Star, especially as it is next to the Magician in the “near future” position, is that our radiance is about attaining a vibration that is higher, more positive and aligned. This has the singular result of changing our experience and those who show up in it.

A person who does not have our best interests at heart will not respond or be attracted to this higher vibration simply because they will be on a different wave length or frequency. This can mean that we don’t react the same way around them, that their reactions toward us have lost their momentum, or that a natural parting takes place that places us in a different, more pleasing environment.

This focuses us back toward our creativity. We have touched something universal. An energetic source that knows no shortage, and we have understood this to be inseparable from our own true nature. In this crystalizing power-infused moment, we have become a vehicle for manifestation.

This is the realm of the Magician. Grounding universal creative power and potential into physical form through our non-resisted state of being. We are at the beginning of something purely and authentically personal. This is not a time for second guessing things or to associate our activity with guilt or stories from the past, or about how others feel or their ideas about who they think we should be in order for them to feel safe.

We can safely leave that all behind because this is our time to dive into our life, into the physical manifestation of our desire, and further into our empowerment and truth. If everything revolves around this beautiful, swirling, high vibrational integrity and creativity, then everything in our experience will be one of joy, abundance and alignment.

Our thriving becomes the dominant expression of our being and will permeate all of our experiences and interactions. It will guide us on our path, it will inform us, teach us, and establish us, as we desire to be established.


Thanks for reading!


Daniel Palmo




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