New Moon Reading – Tuesday January 16, 2018


unfolding tarot - newmoonreading jan 16 2018
5 of Worlds, 10 of Cups, 5 of Wands from the Voyager Tarot deck. (click image for larger view)


Firstly, I would like to wish you a very warm Happy New Year and thank you for stopping by and reading my articles. I wish that the New Year brings many wonderful new openings into your life and that it may be a source of joyful sustainability for your future.

Opening 2018, we have once again, an opportunity to use this January New Moon as an inspiration to launch our intentions. We are surrounded by energy, both on the planet and in our cosmos. Everything is in movement and flux, and we have the ability to harness our awareness in a way that moves us beyond physical boundaries.

Our experience adapts to our constant and most repeated thought forms, and our repeated thoughts or habits create our beliefs. Stepping into our intentionally focused positive thought creates momentum and a kind of traction that affects the predominant default patterns that we fall into without thinking.

One day, we simply know ourselves to be a different type of person, someone who is now thinking a different way than most other people. We think life is changing, that certain people are leaving our daily life but in reality, it is we that have shifted and created a new vibrational basis for all things currently in our lives to relate to. If the elements are of a similar nature, they will continue to harmonize with each other. If not, what is experienced is the growth past a known paradigm and boundary. It is here that the constructs of life shift on a cellular and quantum level.

Our reading begins this way, with the Five of Worlds entitled here as “Setback”. Energy is always expanding and looking for new ways to move past limitation. We interpret these events as “setbacks” but this word is only negative when we attach our usual definitions of success to it.

Whatever had caused the storm to pass through, the wind to sweep things away, or fire to burn up the environment was created because of the need for new life to emerge. Something old, stuck, irrelevant and stagnant needed to be purged and transformed. Because we are discussing the suit of Worlds, we are working with the element related to our self-worth, our self-energetic systems like finances and employment, and how our environment and relationships are affected and forged as a result.

We have effectively torched the earth. As workers of the field will do to promote new life, to lay down new farm beds or restore a forest that has gone wild with undergrowth and weeds. To witness the earth’s violence is to experience a visceral purification. But ultimately, the earth is a thriving organism.

Once this thriving is allowed to take place, we can experience the fullness of life. And that is exactly what the next card shows us. In the Ten of Cups, life is bursting forth in a multiplicity of colours and shapes. There is no containment for this energy, it is unleashed. We simply let life take its course and are carried by the force which is unfurled.

It is a beautiful answer to the call of the previous destruction. Entitled “Passion”, we are uninhibited and free, just as the nature is around us. It is only a human created concept to cover up or censor this energy because of our own disconnect from the unity of all things in this universe. This unity, once again being the common thread of energy that is felt in our hearts without our intellectual interference breaking it apart.

When we see the Ten of Cups, we are expressing ourselves fully and life is meeting us halfway. In this meeting, we can see how that which is our dominant feeling is mirrored back to us. This meeting is a connection of mutual energy. Here, we are experiencing it as a tangible “thing” – we experience a blessing. It is a contact point between two spheres of experience.

As this refulgent energy is being celebrated, the appearance of the Five of Wands might be confusing. Why would “Oppression” come next? What can this mean? How can we make sense of such a contrast?

To answer these questions, we should first look at what the suit of Wands is about. The fire energy of Wands is expansive and goal oriented. It makes very good use of passionate energy, which is directed to our desires and projects. The “five” is connected to the Hierophant, the understanding that life experience is our greatest teacher. When we combine these two principals, we can deduce that what we are approaching is a testing ground.

We have come into contact with a lot of wonderful expressive energy through a release and cleanse. What we seem to be facing in our near future is our own limitations. Interestingly, this appears after a “ten” card, which directly implies a new stage of growth.

The Five of Wands is testing our integrity of purpose and our ability to move past a barrier that we think is larger than it is. We will need to examine something about ourselves that is holding us back and transform it into an opportunity. In the contrast between the Ten of Cups and the Five of Wands lies an incredible truth, and it will be revealed to us at the perfect time.

We can look for clues in our feelings, in the voices in our head that tell us our plans are too far fetched, that we are too arrogant, that belittle us and tell us it’s not worth it and that it’s too late. Here is where we can uproot the embedded and internalized voice of defeat.

Actually, it should be quite easy once we’ve realized what we’re hearing. This is the value of the tarot. It is a tool for self-awareness. To empower us and give us information as we need it. This is an important step and one that will yield something truly special and vital to our movement forward.

Oppression is the illusion that exists so that we may actively and consciously awake to our fullest and highest potential.


Thanks for reading,

Daniel Palmo


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2 thoughts on “New Moon Reading – Tuesday January 16, 2018

  1. very good reading; and isn’t it interesting that the 10! of cups is preceded by 5! of w. and followed by 5! of w., both of which are so to speak ’embraced’ (flow? add?) in 10! of cups, as in yep,that’s where it’s leading, what a wonderful opportunity to meditate (really focus) on that 10! of cups, what a gorgeous card – thanks for the opportunity

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