New Moon Reading – Sunday September 9, 2018


unfolding tarot - new moon reading - sept 9 2018
Knight of Swords, 10 of Swords, and King of Pentacles from the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Click image for larger view.


Is intuition a double-edged sword? How are we truly to know what is right? What criteria is present that propels us towards assessing a correct path forward? Is that criteria based in a balanced and emotionally healthy viewpoint where we are in tune with our needs and desires? Or instead, do we find ourselves reacting to a perceived threat that is not properly grounded in logic.

This month’s reading takes us to this place of assessment. To help us answer some of these questions, it is important to acknowledge a simple truth: we can never truly know how something will unfold until we act. The great thing is that we have a source of information that can help us move closer to an action. That source is our feelings.

Before we let our feelings get too involved however, let us step away from whatever is causing us concern in our lives. There is a need to employ our logic here and to examine a few scenarios to go down. This is a valuable opportunity to ensure we are giving ourselves space for honesty so that our approach addresses what is out of balance within us – and “within” is the place to start first.

Some examples of an imbalance “within” could be how we express our creative talents, what we do in our free time, how or where we focus our attention, how we feel about our desires and needs, and how we make excuses or put off doing things that we really love doing. Basically, it is the internal dialogue we create.

Getting in touch with what is not properly nourished in our lives is a major step at correcting the language surrounding a given problem so that we can communicate a bit more authentically with the people in our lives. If we can identify the imbalance, we can identify ways to bring about better attention to missing elements that foster more love, creativity and freedom.

Once we have some intentions being repeated in our minds or as we write them down, we can begin to notice and isolate any language that is not our own that may be influencing us unconsciously. We can call this “guilt” and “dependency”. As in, “I feel guilty about focusing on… because they think…” Or, “I am dependent on… so, how is what I really want possible?”

While doing this type of internal diagnosis, it is important to realize that we have much more power than we admit to ourselves. Fundamentally, we are the only person holding ourselves back. We have the power and freedom to move in any direction we want. Anything less is an illusion created to keep us “safe” either by serving someone else’s expectations, or by preventing ourselves from experiencing possible failure.

This is the mental environment that has brought about the energy of the Knight of Swords. As a card that is relevant to our recent past, we can see the types of questions being stated above as a precursor to what we may have been experiencing for the past several weeks. With Mars retrograde (and just recently stationing direct), this would be very apropos.

The Knight of Swords shows us the tension we might have been feeling as an indicator of elements not moving fast enough in our lives. Or, as elements that felt stuck and that caused us to question a deep fundamental life direction. We have been asked to examine and re-examine our goals and how we intend to get there, and moreover, our attitude or mental framework for those plans.

Often, this card shows an insecure approach to action where we don’t have enough good information to make a solid and sustainable decision. When it appears, it is always good to pause and make sure we are not in an over-reactive mindset. Sure, let’s get in touch with what is stirring our consciousness and what is making us burst forth fearlessly and with courage. But we need to use our full awareness in the process.

Since this is a card of our recent past, let’s look at our present card to get further context. The 10 of Swords, in all intents and purposes, is a card of hysteria. It denotes a feeling of the intellect gone out of control and interpreting things much more severely than is actually present.

But is this really what is taking place? Let’s pause and take a closer look.

The person on the horse and the person murdered on the beach are the same person for the knight is wearing the red cape of the man lying dead. This red cape of the dead man overspills like blood and flows into the environment of the previous card, linking the two cards with the energy of red and of blood.

The two cards are vastly different though. The Knight card is full of movement, action, wind, and impulse. The 10 card is calm, peaceful, and acceptant. All of this needs to be viewed holistically. Understanding what motivated the action of the knight is ultimately revealed in the card of our near future where we can see the result of our undertaking.

The King of Pentacles shifts the entire reading from one of reckless and angry action to one of fearless determination. There are no other people shown in this spread, just the one individual and his or her transformation from action to conclusion to fruition. This is about our current path and our integrity of knowing what is important to our personal thriving future.

The knight has come forth with fierce energy. Emerging as if from the dark skies of the 10 card shows how we have been working “in the dark” against elements that were unconscious and somewhat entrenched in various patterns. The blood flowing from the 10 card to the Knight card is an indicator of our passion and of the essence of our authenticity being exposed.

We have been awoken and stirred into action based on a sense that we see a part of us that is not relevant anymore. Perhaps we see ourselves doing the same thing day in and day out without much meaning. Or maybe we interpret our struggle as an intolerable situation that requires a courageous and resolute response.

The number 10 shows the concluding act of a scene that has caused us distress and discomfort, but it has served a purpose. This card is linked to the Wheel of Fortune, also a 10 in the major arcana, and speaks to conclusions and perspectives gained as a profound life cycle gives way to a new one. We can see this too in the glow of the horizon being the emerging golden sky of the King card.

The King of Pentacles speaks to this new vision, and to our resolve and maturity. He sits calmly in his (or her) garden. The authority he exudes over his domain is a reflection of his commitment to his life on both inner and outer levels. He is the embodiment of the energy that moves through things, that supplies and nourishes life, that extends and expands to sustain others in his realm, and how his force of well-being is reflected and mirrored in his beautiful garden, home, and kingdom.

His message in this reading is to get to the root of what makes you thrive and feel alive. Know what makes you happy and what sustains your happiness. Know what works for YOU. Be fearless and courageous in your actions and ensure that they are in alignment with your well-being.

Consciously move through the resistant layers of your internal landscape. Feel the roots of your well-nourished body and mind take hold, and let the expression of all that you are be felt in your heart. A new chapter is beautifully unfolding for you. Enjoy it freely!


Thanks for reading,

Daniel Palmo




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One thought on “New Moon Reading – Sunday September 9, 2018

  1. strong cards, especially the first two, but very good outcome, one to look forward to after such an emotional ride – the reward of facing up to things and dealing with them courageously and wisely, beautiful card; well done daniel as usual, thank you

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