New Moon Reading – Wednesday November 7, 2018

unfolding tarot - new moon reading - nov 7 2018
The Hanged Man, Ace of Cups, and 9 of Cups from the Rider-Waite tarot deck. (click image for larger view)


“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” ~ Marcus Aurelius


It seems like a simple enough statement and one we hear often in similar variations. So much so that we may have lost sight of its deeper message. But many times, our lives get very involved in our outward experience. We get caught up in mixed messages, misinterpreted dialogue, strained silences with exaggerated facial expressions, all put together in a haze of projection and confusion.

Many times, we are paralyzed by such repeated patterns of interaction that we “hit a wall” psychologically and nothing makes sense anymore. We numb ourselves in an attempt to detach our minds from the escalation of emotions, both within us and from others. Our reading this month could have had us in this state of mind.

The Hanged Man is a beautiful card, no doubt. But it does represent an uncomfortable time where we are asked to stop, not just slow down. It often appears when we are ploughing in at a good force when something trips us up. It’s the kind of feeling where you’re eager to get to a meeting and you trip on the curb, sending both you and all your presented documents, iPhone, and caffè latte flying in all directions.

As you lay there on the sidewalk, wondering what just happened, the world suddenly seems upside down. Of course, this card is not a literal experience of having an accident. But sometimes events get our attention in ways we least expect, and our priorities get re-prioritized simply due to life making a shift for us.

The blessing and meaning here is in our perspective. Muffled now are the sounds of the bustling street. Feeling a little lost and dazed in the new pace we’ve adopted, we get flashes of insight into things. Motivations and intentions get brought to the surface and we see how we might have been going down a path of more resistance rather than one of ease.

The most important key to The Hanged Man is to wait it out and to use our time carefully and thoughtfully. This is incredibly important in our age of instant gratification, reprimands, and false praise. “Know Thyself” is about making sure our integrity is in alignment with our action. Make the adjustments that are needed based on the new insights that emerge. Be strategic and be honest.

The card is placed in the recent past which seems to indicate that we are opening some doors. If we’ve been asked to open our inner doors, it is certain that this process will reflect in an aspect of our daily life as well. The Hanged Man has blessed us with the opportunity to get it right – or at least better.

What comes forth from this realignment is a rebirth within our psyche. The Ace of Cups here represents a time where we meet with the subtle energy of providence, giving us a feeling of love filling our cup. This is the sensation of time working wonders when we surrender and trust (and The Hanged Man was all about surrender).

Meditate on this, feel it all around you – incredible love and abundance, acceptance and contentment. Grace is flowing into our body and mind. Enjoy this unconditional sustenance and let it take you to a new place.

What could this new place be? The 9 of Cups hints at it but what can we ascertain from this individual sitting in front of these cups? The card’s meaning has a few interpretations and certainly there have been some disagreements as to it’s true message. Some have said it is a “wish card”, while others emphasize the smug and selfish quality of the man seated.

Actually, it’s a bit of both. It depends on the cards that surround it. Most often, I feel it represents being acknowledged for a job well done and of reaching some culminating effort that is only asking you to turn around and acknowledge your successes.

After the Ace, the 9 represents many enjoyments and pleasurable experiences – a reward. And since we were given the quality of the Cups so unconditionally in the Ace, here we can freely share it with others, as the table quietly suggests.

So, invite some friends over, have a feast, make a toast and celebrate. If nothing else, just to celebrate the feeling of feeling good! Let the universe provide the details.


Thanks for reading,

Daniel Palmo




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