New Moon Reading – Saturday December 8, 2018

unfolding tarot - new moon reading - Dec 8, 2018
King of Swords, Death, and 6 of Pentacles from the Waite-Smith tarot deck. (click image for larger view)


“Anything I cannot transform into something marvelous, I let go.”  ~ Anais Nin


Death is the beginning of life. Whether we are truly conscious of it or not, do you not find yourself saying how you wish something went differently at the moment you realize the fallibility of a situation or outcome? How you visualize the best even amidst failure and defeat?

I believe we, as humans are solution based. Our inherent nature is one of wholeness and connection. Our path is one of contrast, of light and dark, of chaos and balance. We decide how to apply the best of ourselves in any given moment so that we align with something more powerful than confusion. We do this because the opposite is to give in to fear and defeat.

We are wired to survive, and this instinct that is millennia old, informs us how to apply solutions in everything we encounter. To fear death is to fear life, to fear living and to fear the energy of change – the constant and ever present expanding cellular growth that is energizing our every intention.

This is not to suggest that anxiety and defeat are lurking around every corner. This is a quality of what I may suggest as spiritual maturity. That the encounter with life, the dance and joyful participation of its elements, is done with the fullness of one’s spirit. The recognition of the depths of our inner lives as we feel meaning and well being in what we connect to and the people we surround ourselves with. We have a choice.

“The King is dead; long live the King!”

In the Death card, we see the dead King lying motionless on the ground under the feet of the horse that Death rides upon. The Pope greets Death as the Sun rises in the distance. The children kneel in wonder as they witness a marvel of life occurring before them.

Death here is a shift and a realignment with spirit. In the process of this shift, our experience transforms. We must move on from a way of life (or from a way of interpreting life) that is old and stale. Energy has entered a situation and created a new synergistic pathway for new vitality to enter.

This new energy is defined differently and has taken the old into a new application of awareness and expression. We have very much the old King to thank for this, because it is through his (our) wisdom and foresight that has concluded that his reign must end. He has given himself over to “life”. He has surrendered his crown so that a new paradigm may emerge.

In his authority of mind, he knows that he will always keep an old story alive so long as he continues his application of the very personal viewpoint he holds. Once he relinquishes this, the old paradigm is renewed within the context of his new emergence, manifesting in the Death card as the children to whom the throne is bequeathed.

This is our current story. This is about us giving up something that is not working in its current form. It must be handed over to a transformative caldron where we can emerge into a more authentic and more rewarding way of being.

Looking to the 6 of Cups, we see a young King in the making. Perhaps a merchant or successful lawyer, more in tune with his (our) integrity and personal truth. He represents a new beginning in terms of how we can reorient our lives to have deeper contact with our personal growth and deeper contact within our community.

An interpretation of this spread could show a person wanting more opportunities to be around others, to be more open and generous, and to want more meaning in their relationships. To allow the abundance of life to flow more freely through one’s being to areas that may be neglected or undernourished, such as our creativity or art.

The King here is transformed and he has gained insight into the principles of balance as it works in the universe. The process of receiving and giving has taken our hearts into a more tangible world where we are not detached from the emotional wonders that abundance offers us in every single moment of our lives.

We have a choice. We have the wisdom to carry it out and see it through. And we have the ability to redefine our life experience and to be in greater harmony and authenticity.


I wish you all the warmest of holidays, however you celebrate it. May that celebration take you to new heights of joy and appreciation as you welcome the beautiful new days ahead for you.


Thank you for reading,

Daniel Palmo




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3 thoughts on “New Moon Reading – Saturday December 8, 2018

  1. Wonderful reading, very touching too on many levels, one could ponder upon this one for many ‘moons’; 6 of pentacles is such a beautiful noble but most of all human card, at least what we aspire to – authenticity, kindness and generosity; thank you Daniel, beautiful reading for this holiday season.

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