Full Moon Meditation (Winter Solstice) – Saturday December 22, 2018

At this magical time of affirmations, quiet evenings under candlelight where our dreams speak to us a little more clearly, and when we can approach our deepest intentions with that illumination, I offer some thoughts of mediation.

Timeless Keepers by Autumn Skye
Timeless Keepers (painting by Autumn Skye)

In all we do actively in our outer world, how much attention do we give to slowing down? In our attempts to achieve, provide, and control, how much do we surrender and have faith? Do we listen to the rhythms of the Earth and feel the cycles of the seasons? Can we find balance with Nature and let it inform us of how to nourish our deepest cells?

Take some time out, connect to a source of wisdom that speaks to you. Breathe calmly. Notice and appreciate your inner light, your value and worth, and all the things you do so well. We all have our individual paths. Slow down to understand how you nourish your journey with love and positivity.

Let that shift be your paradigm of Thriving, and may you come to access this place of wisdom often. May this radiance shine a light into your intentions as you guide yourself into your beautiful New Year.


With love,




The Hermit by Emily Balivet
The Hermit (art by Emily Balivet)


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