New Moon Reading – Saturday January 5, 2019 (Solar Eclipse)


unfolding tarot - new moon reading - jan 5, 2019
Four of Coins, Ten of Coins, and Queen of Coins from the Golden Tarot by Kat Black



Happy ReNewYourSelf Year! This month’s New Moon Reading is brought to you by the beautiful Golden Tarot deck created by Kat Black. I was in New York City last October in the Metropolitan Opera music store when I stumbled upon this deck on their shelves. I was really happy to have come across them so spontaneously and there of all places! (And a big thank you to my partner for “surprising me” with her gift at Christmas!)

Our last reading ended with the Six of Pentacles as the then future card, symbolizing a nod to the holidays, celebrating the act of generosity and sharing as a way to ground ourselves in the realm of relating to those around us. Here, we pick up on that thread and see a kind of evolution to that story. For those who would like to reread it, you can click here.

One of the interesting ideas presented in this story line from recent past, present, and near future, is a kind of destination point within ourselves. Again, we seem to be guided by the message that, what we establish for ourselves alone needs to be brought out into the world to be touched and felt by others. It is through this sharing of energy that we find true contentment and authentic relating with others.

As the abundance is shared, we are invited to participate in its highest unconditional expression. In Buddhism, there is a practice of “dedicating the merit” whereby the generosity expressed becomes transformed into a universal celebration of what has been shared, and in so doing, the ego is removed from the act. It is only then that we can understand the real nature of the energy around us without any demands or control. Once we take out our ego, things become limitless.

The Four of Coins (also known as Pentacles) draws our focus toward monetary values and the various structures that finances move through energetically in our lives. How do we manage the flow of money? Where is there a need to address imbalances, such as debt reduction or impulse spending? How are we setting a foundation for financial success?

The suit of Coins not only represents finances, but the energetic connection to how sustenance enters our lives. One of the most direct influences on this flow is our self esteem or self value. When we shift the attention to our inner self worth, we unlock the potential to have some very meaningful and rich energy to work with.

Some examples can be, what do I eat and who makes my food? Do I eat nourishing food or am I eating highly processed food? Do I spend money on things that aren’t really necessary? Can I adjust some habits so that my mind is more open to mentally nourishing activities, such as a reading higher vibrational literature, creating art, sitting in meditation or practicing yoga?

Anything that seems to take energy away from us must be evaluated. Coming to terms with any negative imbalances or influences in what we watch, read, and listen to (news, media, podcasts, etc.) can have a profound effect on our energy levels. If we can make a few adjustments, what takes place is a new perspective on time and our movement within it.

Our daily experience has the potential to be much lighter and freer. We are over-clogged and needlessly burdened by information that simply has nothing to do with us, and which is so disproportionately negative. Our attention is constantly diverted away from our core as seemingly larger bulks of dense matter are given to us to digest.

In this new perspective of time management and our flow within our perceptual experiences, we begin to make new choices about how we spend our energy. This is when we step more fully into our self worth. “Spending energy” becomes “spending money”. These are the shifts that can take us into a very sustainable way of life, one that is nourishing not depleting.

Moving into the ten of Coins shows our present situation. Simply put, there is more than enough to share and spare. The energy of plenty is no longer contained within notions of strategy and planning. It is everywhere and ever present and has reached a culmination of expression. Everyone has the opportunity to touch it in a very personal way. This card takes achievement and success to its fulfilled state.

As if we are in nature, lifted out of ourselves, breathing the clean pure air. We are moved by this powerful life force. If this is because of our planning and discipline, then it is also because of our dedication of the merit of that work that we are experiencing it in manifold. This is the authentic wealthy life. Anything else is just ego and will eventually break down.

To conclude the story line, meeting with the Queen of Coins is our journey back to ourselves and the inner process of integrating our self worth with our daily life. I read recently (in Rachel Pollack’s book “Tarot Wisdom”) that, while the queens and kings are both masters, the queen is, in fact, the true master, the figure who most appreciates the quality of the suit.

In a sense, this journey is awarding us with a position of leadership and example. We have past a threshold and have become so immersed in our newfound (or rediscovered) self love, that we are less fazed by things that don’t match where we’re at. We will look past and through things that normally would have bothered or weighed us down. We will create a new paradigm for ourselves where we can thrive and be authentic once again.


Thank you for reading,

Daniel Palmo




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