Tarot Poems – “Mirrors”




From a warm blanket of white timelessness,

Flowing iridescent sheets radiant and shimmering,

Almost content, yearning, pulsing, –

Here, from this, –

A thought emerges softly,

As a gentle moonrise upon one’s face.

Drawn towards it, moving energy, shifting and glowing,

I see a horizon of form amidst a sea of tranquility.

Approach, approaching the shores of this landscape,

Mirrors appear all around as guideposts with strange signs and symbols.

There are silent voices – and images of images,

And for the first time, –  I witness.

I am thrown off centre by a wind of exterior reflections,

Who is this I see? Where did it arise? Can it go away? – I am uncomfortable.

I feel an awareness of separation as I move among these edifices of unknown origins.

Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?


Suddenly, the mirrors blend together and I am surrounded by people I’ve never met before.

And yet, they all look at me as if they have always known me.

Some smiling, some hostile, some touching me tenderly.

I shy away and look for shelter, a cave, a warm space to make a sound. –

A sound that will rise above the noise of all these that seek me out.

In this sound that wells up, tidal and fierce, I feel safe once again.

I am a footprint in the sand, heavy and grounded.

The comfort of this vibration emanates in ripples and the landscape alters its shades with peaceful lights I remember from before this all began.

Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?


And, almost unknowingly, a mirror appears and turns into a doorway.

I cannot see past its frame. – I am curious.

I hear a voice asking about my name.

There is something familiar about this voice.

And I enter and move past the boundaries I held firm.

The walls around me too dissolve as if finely misted windows slowly reveal their secrets.

A hand takes mine. It is warm and inviting.

I look back for a moment as my heart quickens with an anxious beat and a tight breath.

“Look!”, I hear.

…and I let go and open my eyes.


Daniel Palmo



zen garden stone


2 thoughts on “Tarot Poems – “Mirrors”

  1. I love the concept of the ‘Tarot Poems’ as it gives evermore profound meaning behind the cards; I had to read your poem few times to appreciate it’s meaning in connection with the Lovers card and can’t claim I fully understood it but can certainly appreciate it’s originality and beauty; thank you!


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