A Tarot Prayer


I awoke today feeling like I have a fresh start. That whatever bothered me yesterday can be recreated and reformed into something better and more productive. Today, I have a chance to do something differently or to approach something differently if I want to.

Today, I embark on my day with a feeling of openness and relaxation. I welcome with curiosity and softness, the days events as they unfold naturally. I know that anything that comes my way, I can handle.

The universe is always giving me opportunities to grow and see things in a new way. That is a beautiful part of my life and I wish to always be in harmony with my growth even if I don’t always understand it. I trust it, and that makes me feel like I am never alone, that I am a part of something sacred and loving.

I know that I am always looked after. Even when I’m not certain of how things will turn out, I feel surrounded by light and deep profound compassion. I reach out into this light-filled space and feel oneness with it. I begin to notice more and more my inseparability with divine providence as I focus my attention into the direction of abundance and thriving.

I begin to see how my attitude affects people around me, and how I attract beautiful and supportive people to me as I consistently maintain my newfound positivity. I know that sometimes I let my awareness lapse and find myself angry or resentful. But I accept myself and love all of myself knowing that I can make good choices.

I know that by being upset, I am not farther from my well-being but closer to it. That by knowing what I don’t want in my life, I am closer to the solution about what makes me truly happy and fulfilled. This is an empowering feeling.

I take a breath whenever I want to, a break whenever I need to, a timeout whenever my spirit calls out for it. I am supported as I reach into myself to get closer to myself. I am surrounded by a radiant perimeter of love as I restore my boundaries and strengthen my psychic foundations.

In this wondrous state of replenishment, I am restored to greater wholeness. I understand my needs from this place of integrity. In ever increasing ways, I am able to articulate with greater purpose, the things I need and want in my life. I hold my dreams and aspirations as my singular focus and make a commitment to myself to nourish them everyday.

Today, right now, is a beautiful moment for me to root myself in my personal truth. It is from here that I can better understand the situations and people close to me, the individuals I encounter in my daily experience, and to offer my assistance from this, my place of wholeness and thriving.

It is from this connection that I become useful in the world, and that I can begin to be an example of how to access one’s deeper qualities. It is from here that I find I can love more deeply and fully, to invite more deeply and fully, and to hold a space for others to be more authentic in their own way.

It is from here that I understand that my dreams are your dreams, that your yearning is my yearning, that we share a desire to be held and understood and loved. I step back and allow life to happen. I take a moment to listen, just to listen, and to say “I understand you. Thank you for telling me this. Thank you for sharing that.”

As my day concludes, I will understand more and more that my path in life is an incredible creation, full of infinite possibilities. There are endless resources available to me, and I have access to this and so much more. The wisdom that is flowing and has flowed through me is a continuous stream that I can access anytime I want. I just have to say yes.

I offer this prayer out to the universe as a humble token of my deepest appreciation and gratitude for everything I have, everything I have been led to, and for the sense of peace that I have been filled with today as I embark on my tomorrow.

As I close my day with a heartfelt “thank you”, I will close my eyes and feel safe and happy knowing that I have done well today. I have done very very well. To all my tomorrows: let they be filled with greater and greater harmony, purpose, clarity, love, sanctity, and prosperity.



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