Full Stop

stop sign


This month’s New Moon Reading is about stopping. I’m going to ask you some questions and you can decide where you are and how you’re doing. Tarot is a tool. That’s it. It’s not a miracle nor some concocted power source where you get something you want. It’s about healing, wholeness and integration.

It’s about asking questions about you. It’s a moment where you can check in with yourself to see how you’re doing, how you’re processing life experience. Then, it’s about going away and doing your homework. Making a commitment to the growth you want to be a part of so that your future is what you want it to be, what you are thus creating.

If you find yourself not moving ahead in some area of your life, not getting the relationship you want, the job you want, or some of the things that you feel will provide happiness, it’s time to embrace the “stopping”. Things are not moving for a reason. What is incredible is that often, many people don’t realize how profitable this moment is.

Don’t be afraid to go deep. Don’t squander these silent moments. Go further into them. Light a candle and say, “Okay, let me see it! I want to know what I need to work on.”

A thing to keep in mind in your personal examinations is the power of patterning. Particularly past patterns. Habitual thoughts and belief structures can show themselves in our immediate reactions to things, events or people.

You are not without power. You have the ability to create something new. All it requires is devotion. Can you not be devoted to yourself? How does that statement make you feel? Are other people calling you selfish? Maybe you don’t have enough personal space to honour yourself in some way?

Do other people fill up your headspace with their ideas of what you should be doing? How much of your day is structured around making other people happy? Does your partner answer for you, finish your sentences, or interrupt your thought process on a regular basis? Does your boss tell you what to write in an email or do they give you empowerment and trust in your approach to finding solutions?

Do you find yourself compromising more than what you feel is fair? Do your conversations always move in the direction of yielding to another persons point of view?

In other words, how much of your life and initiatives start with you and your ideas?

Start there.

Pay attention to the voices in your head that are not your own. Do they support you or diminish your self-worth? Notice how you may be rewarded for doing what others expect of you, much like a child is rewarded for “good behaviour”. Notice if you are always being asked to put your needs and wants second. Notice if you feel inconsequential in some dynamic in your life where your expression is viewed unimportant.

This is not an exercise to get even or to get back at someone. It is to become aware of how you have become disconnected with your personal power and its expression in the world. Sometimes, a pattern sets in gradually over time, often without us noticing.

We can benefit tremendously by becoming observant of the pattern and taking small, kind steps to address them. Remember to allow for incremental adjustments to be made. We need to give people time to become aware of your new responses. You will be working with them too as this is about restoring balance, not about asserting dominance.

It begins with you; it is always about you. You have power and you have choice. There is inner and outer work to connect with, and the more you connect with it, the more options you will have.

It’s time.


Create a private space where you can feel relaxed. You might need to get up a little earlier in your day, or go to bed a little later so you have some uninterrupted time. Now begin to state to yourself clearly what you want. Start slowly and be gentle. Maybe, writing them down will help you to remember them and revise them later if you want.

Create a few core intentions that surround your ideas of who you are, who you would like to be, and where you see yourself going.

Leave everyone out of the picture.

Commit to this exercise every day for 15 minutes. Reading and writing and – repeating them three times to yourself.

Turn off every source of information that makes you feel depressed, anxious, negative, or low in energy.


Before you go to sleep, say to yourself: “Today, I made some time for myself, if only 15 minutes. I put aside all my worries and said some loving creative statements about what I want. Today, I am making a shift toward beautiful and positive things for myself. These are like small seeds that I am planting and caring for. I look forward to doing this again and again because I know that I am benefiting from these small conversations with myself. Thank you “self” for making time for me. I am beautiful. I am loved. I am taken care of. Tomorrow, please lead me to what is helpful to me, to what will nourish me, to what sustains and feeds my spirit. Let me find the words I need to express myself more fully. Let me find greater and greater clarity about the things I want so that I can have access to this incredible source of information on a daily basis. I am ready to feel and express my personal truth. I am ready. I am supported. I acknowledge myself. I love me.”


Say this every day. To re-pattern your life, you must create a new habit and a new pattern. Every default statement you make must be recreated.

All you have is you. You, this vibrant being full of powerful potential. Take care of you.

Full Stop.


With love,



the hanged man