Full Moon Affirmations -Wednesday March 20, 2019 (Spring Equinox)


What’s your story?

Pick a theme. Try some affirmations! Have some creative fun with it. Pull out some old magazines and cut out pictures you like. Stick them to a cork board or bristol board and create a Vision Board! The more you work with your statements, the more focus and attention you bring to creating the life you want and the experiences you want to have.

Today, I’m going to pick “Financial Abundance”. Here we go.


I’m so happy and appreciative for all of the opportunities that come to me to increase my savings and to sustain my future.

Opportunities to create financial success come easily to me.

I am now saving money.

I find it easy to save money and I feel good about what I spend.

I am happy with how I’ve done so far and I feel good about what I’ve accomplished in meeting my goals.

Everything speaks to me about being comfortable in my wealth.

I relax knowing that everything works out for my benefit.

My timing is great and I don’t rush any process. I am calm.

I am moving in harmony with the expansion that is occurring in my life now.

I am led and guided to meaningful solutions that assist me in thriving in all situations.

I am led and guided to good people who have more knowledge than I do and who offer their advice and wisdom to me.

I am committed to my personal thriving.

I am not worried. I know there is a higher purpose in the way things evolve and work out.

There is a beautiful resolution in all things and I feel magnetized to solution based ideas.

I have a lovely cushion of savings. My wealth is growing and growing.

I value my self-worth. I value my net worth.

I love that I have greater and deeper insights into creating a stronger financial platform from which to operate.

My mature and long range planning have given me more self-confidence.

I am experiencing greater and greater financial stability. I have more than enough.

I am comfortable. I am happy. I am relaxed.

I am kind. I am generous. I am loving.

I enjoy who I am. I love where I am. I am established in financial stability.



Moonrise at Sunset Through Mauna Kea’s Shadow. Image: Michael Connelley (U. Hawaii)


Happy Affirmations!

Daniel Palmo


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