New Moon Reading – Saturday May 4, 2019

unfolding tarot - new moon reading - May 4, 2019
From the Voyager Tarot deck: Two of Crystals, Five of Crystals crossed by Three of Worlds, Six of Wands. (click image for larger view)


What is underneath the surface of things is not our blindness or our unaware reactivity, but a pathway to integration and alignment.


This month’s New Moon Reading features the Voyager Tarot and an additional card: the crossing card. I felt inspired to work with this extra piece of information as a way to contextualize what is occurring in the present moment.

The card that crosses the Five of Swords in the “present position”, can be something that we use to compliment that card’s energy or message. It can link the “recent past” and “near future” as a specific tool we can then utilize so that the underlying card is used to expand our potential. However, sometimes the crossing card can represent a challenge. Either way, it is an opportunity we can use.

The message in this reading is about bridging our inner view of things to our outer experiences. More precisely, how we align ourselves within our relationships; our self-worth becoming aligned with what we connect to, to who, and why. What is clear is that something is getting transformed and released along the way.

We can choose to remain attached to our views, or we can add flexibility and life to our beliefs so that we grow through the material that surfaces. The Two of Crystals is our mental connection to The High Priestess. We are tuned into her energy of intuitive insight and of balanced outlook as a powerful informing force. We are connected to personal truth. More, we are in touch with information that is surfacing from our subconscious.

If we remain in this position, we risk the possibility of losing ourselves to the currents of our intellect. Our lives need an environment in which to ground the intellect, to bring it out into the open air, to challenge it and stimulate it. In our reading, the “present card” is the Five of Crystals named “Negativity”. We can view this as a tangent and a catalyst.

Negativity is a choice. You have it; I have it. We can choose to guide our minds, or not. Whatever has surfaced is asking for conscious guidance because the alternative is to become lost in the endless loops of unproductive self-talk that only leads one to further validate all the pain and loss that one has experienced.

The energy being released in the “Equanimity” card needs to be grounded in our ability to apply love and nourishment to our thoughts of perceived reality. What we must alter is the mind’s desire to substantiate “what was”. The Three of Worlds is the tool we use to transform the surfacing energy into one that wants to become integrated with Source. It is fragmentation wanting wholeness.

Do not mistake it for pain needing to be understood. One can live their entire lives wanting to be understood. The opportunity here is release the ego’s identification with the story of pain or struggle. This means a complete overhaul on the default story we tell ourselves day in and day out, and how we broadcast that story to any listening ear.

What is needed is to examine ourselves honestly, and to use that integrity to enhance our clarity and personal truth. We cannot risk getting lost in repeated thought patterns. We come face to face with what is untrue, what is no longer healthy, what is actually toxic, and we have the ability to consciously apply better judgment. This is the power of The Empress, the informing quality of all the “threes”.

Through this cauldron of self-analysis and self-awareness, we are released of the power of the past. The moment we feel this release, we feel a rush of warm energy moving through us. We get goosebumps, we feel touched deep inside.

This is the sensation of standing beautifully, unwavering and immovable in the centre of our mandala. We have created the grounds for our future harvest. We are cultivating the earth of our minds to be the field of plenty to which we will thrive. We stand in truth, our truth, which is a light for our future prosperity.

Everything else, all that holds us back, is released. It is the thunder that grows ever quieter and more distant. Be beautiful and majestic. Trust that you are on your path. Trust that you are well looked after. Trust that this transformation brings you closer toward all that is in alignment to your highest well-being; to all those people, places, and things that truly supports and sustains you.

And in that appreciation, feel your power.


Thanks for reading,

Daniel Palmo




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