New Moon Reading – Tuesday July 2, 2019 (Solar Eclipse)

unfolding tarot - new moon reading - July 2, 2019
The Ace of Swords, The Hanged Man crossed by the 2 of Wands, and the 10 of Swords. From the Rider Waite deck. (click image for a larger view)


Today’s Total Solar Eclipse was an interesting experience for me. Potent and powerful, something not fully expressible in words. While only a handful of people in South America were able to view it in person, none of us were able to see it directly. Despite that, this event really resonates on our deeper psyche and it’s hard to pinpoint why that is exactly. If you missed it on the live stream, here is a 1 minute time lapse.

The fact that two planetary bodies can come together to form an exact union still baffles my mind. One is huge in its scale and quite distant from us; the other is much closer to Earth and substantially smaller. The Sun is not moving, it only appears this way due to the Earths rotation. The Moon orbits the Earth with a distinct pattern, meaning it doesn’t always follow the same line across the sky.

Every six months, the Moon’s orbital path will intersect with the apparent path of the Sun. This intersection is what forms a Solar Eclipse on a New Moon day, and a Lunar Eclipse on a Full Moon day.

To examine this from a psychic point of view, let us take the two ingredients of a Solar Eclipse and break down their influences. The Sun: powerful, energetic, consciousness stirring, clarity, activity, positivity, masculinity, warmth, humanitarian, life-giving, and full on abundance. The Moon: subtle, inward seeking, gentle, nourishing, calming, inner wisdom, femininity, emotional, gradual and tidal.

When we have a regular New Moon, our connection to lunar activity has a lot to do with restarting a cycle of growth. The Moon is dark and is closer to the Sun. This shifts the gravitational pull on our planet slightly. During the Full Moon phase, the Moon is opposite and the farthest from the Sun, creating a culminating “tug” effect. We feel this emotionally and even see it expressed on the Earth’s water bodies and on our physical bodies. In this way, we can see the New Moon as being a reset on this entire process.

Now, these elements are fused as a Solar Eclipse. They are one force, and in my opinion, a powerful, focused, concentrated and intense portal of energy current available and tangible, taking this whole lunar cycle several layers deeper. We can even view it as a much much larger reset cycle pattern.

There is a lot of movement as energetic access points are sensitized like a big tuning fork in our psyche. Energy is coming in and flushing out. We are in a major cleansing phase. Things can happen very quickly in our lives now.

What is important is that we try to work with this movement, to get ahead of it somehow and find the balance between trying to guide it, and feeling trust while surrendering to the flow. Try to find stability in the affirmations and intentions you have already made. Do what you love doing because patterns set during this time have immense traction. Ground yourself in meditation or yoga, or some physical exercise. The mind can become over-stimulated and so we need a healthy outlet.

Understanding the cycle of Eclipses, the Lunar Nodes (the intersection points I described above), and where they influence you astrologically, is a wonderful invitation to see your life journey in a grand way.

In two weeks, we will have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (since eclipses occur in pairs). As a Solar Eclipse can bring in an influx of new energy, so too the Lunar Eclipse will wash away many old and outworn aspects of our lives. Take a creative lead on this and you will feel like you are participating rather than reacting.

So… the tarot reading. Right! When I saw The Hanged Man, I saw the inverted man’s face (inverted giving the connotation of “inner” and so “lunar”) as the Moon itself eclipsing the Sun behind him. I pulled back to notice the cycle starting with the Ace of Swords and completing with the Ten.

Here we have a perfect translation of what an eclipse looks like. Let’s find the story now.

Recently, we have been stirred, jolted even, into finding something missing from our lives. Lying almost dormant, a seed had been quietly biding its time. Something may have grabbed our attention, shaken us out of inertia or “over-cooperation”. It’s the sensation of not knowing exactly how to say something or how to think about something, so we wait.

We desire truth and the ability to hold on to clarity as a guiding principle. It’s the first step to correct an imbalance. Thoughts arrange themselves, words come together, and in a moment so wonderfully orchestrated, we arrive at a breakthrough of consciousness. We feel on track and are ready to commit to a course of action.

Let us remember, we are now encountering the powerful shifting and cleansing energy of the eclipse. If a truth has surfaced, it deserves moderation and examination. The Ace must be grounded, the energy harnessed with maturity in our observation and articulation.

The Hanged Man, and the central eclipse energy portrayed, we have this opportunity. We are being asked to wait and ponder what we have learned. No course of action should be undertaken at this time. We are meant to use this period to learn and gain insights into what is behind the breakthrough thought. What is at the root of this energy? What do we really want here? Because it may not be what we think. The breakthrough maybe taking on the disguise of something else, possibly an exaggerated emotional trigger. The only way to know is to slow down and notice.

The crossing card is the 2 of Wands. This card is assisting us and taking the message to a broader, more domestic meaning. It is about how we see ourselves in the world, what we envision and how we would like to participate and grow. Further, to meditate more and act less, at least for now.

The concluding act is not as deadly as it seems. The darkness is lifting, and the 10 of Swords directly implies the growing light of the moon’s phase as it too emerges from darkness. There is peace and acceptance in this card if you look closely. The murdered man’s hand forms a peace mudra while he is laying on a beach by placid waters.

This is a chance to leave behind many stories and voices from our past that we may have internalized. Perhaps the imagery suggests that we have indeed grounded the mental energy unleashed in the Ace, and that we have succeeded in the attainment of some good self awareness and insight. Or, perhaps we simply have been able to harness the forces awakened so that we can consciously guide ourselves toward a new paradigm of thought, ones with the potential of greater nourishment than we may have allowed previously.

What ever this means for you, relax and be at peace. As the light is restored in your life, feel refreshed and awakened. Most of all, allow yourself the time to adjust to the new life you see around you. Some things will be different. You will be different, but the landscape will feel renewed and revitalized. And the cycle continues…


Thanks for reading,

Daniel Palmo




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