Full Moon Reading – Tuesday July 16, 2019 (Lunar Eclipse)

unfolding tarot - full moon reading - July 16, 2019
Justice crossed by The Hierophant from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. (click image for larger view)


Welcome to a kind of “part 2” to my earlier post from two weeks ago for the Solar Eclipse of July 2. You can read that here if you missed it!

Much like the nature of Full Moons, this reading has some opposing factors and some challenges. However, there is a poignant reconciliation offered here if we have the ability to look for it and work with it.

The Justice card is the card that describes us or the current moment in our experience. The Hierophant represents an element we are working with. When I first looked at these cards, I saw a confrontation that was pretty heavy handed with a lot of judgmental opinions (The Hierophant) being levied to a figure who was unfazed (Justice).

Now, let’s take a moment to see what may really be happening here. The Justice card represents a moment in our lives when we face the truth, accept was is being said to us, and take that information to the next level. It is a decision that we may not like to hear but that we accept anyway because it is balanced and fair.

What is taking place here is precisely this acceptance. Something is laid to rest and we can once again feel movement, unstuck from the binding quality that saw us very attached to an outcome.

The Hierophant can represent a teacher, or “life” teaching us and taking us deeper where our learning is not of the established order, but rather slightly unstructured or specifically, secret. Like a chapter in book we might have randomly picked off the shelf. It speaks to us in a direct and profound way for this precise moment in time.

The crossing card often represents a challenge. In reading this spread, I see that as taking quality constructive criticism to heart. To put it another way: justified criticism.

Perhaps this culmination represents a time where we are going back to the drawing board to see how we can better tackle a problem or issue. We need to go deeper into this material and learn something more substantial, something that is different from our conventional application and style of learning. This is what I mean by “secret”.

If we can let our egos subside for the moment, we can extract an immensely rewarding learning opportunity here. The key here is to accept the guidance, and the fact that our learning curve is just that: a curve. Life never takes us in straight lines; we need to find value in going off the beaten path, to see our situation through another set of eyes and trust that this information has been presented to us for our highest good.

If we have received an outcome that has materialized opposite to the way we thought it would, and then scoff at the hand that offers a different opinion or way out, then we will not progress. We can only sink further into reactivity against apparent absolutisms.

Here, we can listen. There is a beautiful opportunity for a thoughtful approach and internal regroup. We can be mindful of our reactions and take to heart a wiser voice than our own at this time.


Thanks for reading,

Daniel Palmo




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