New Moon Reading – Sunday October 27, 2019

unfolding tarot - new moon reading - Oct 27, 2019
10 of Pentacles, The Hermit, and The Star. From the Rider Waite tarot deck. (click image for larger view)


Can you feel the magic? Can you look beyond the boundaries of your life and be a witness to the perfection of your experience? What is holding you back from embracing a more wholesome way of being? Are you too preoccupied with looking at why you are held back, or can you change your perspective and notice how you may be keeping yourself back by restating old stories and old ways of thinking.

Welcome to this New Moon’s reading, and a powerful statement on connecting with your inner perfection and self-worth. For those of you who are reading the current astrology, you’ll know this New Moon is a big one. New Moons are powerful in and of themselves and represent closure while introducing new energy for new intentions and directions.

The masculine and feminine principles are fused and this gives us an added ability to bring about changes in our paradigms or experiential structures. Whether that’s mental or physical – or even metaphysical (all are connected anyway) – we can direct new energy into new intentions, visualizations and statements.

Uranus, the heavyweight planet of explosive creative energy, surprises, and revolutionary change is exactly opposite this New Moon. We’re working with a lot of potential and I would encourage you to tap into the most positive mindset possible. We also must root ourselves in our deepest integrity so that we are honest with what may be simmering below the surface of your consciousness.

Funnily though, our reading doesn’t appear to be too explosive! On the contrary, I am seeing a lot of calm introspection and healing. This is reassuring to know that not all change needs to be upsetting. We can definitely move with the currents of life and welcome change as a conscious act. When we do, we flow more easily with what is presented to us. We can have an inner “knowing” when something has outlived its usefulness and when we are ready to be at peace with it by moving past it.

This would be our starting point: the 10 of Pentacles. The polarity in this card is about interconnectedness while also having something pull it apart. The “10” cards correlate to a culmination of the suit, and so we are being prepared for a new cycle to commence. This has the sensation of “having it all” yet wanting more. That something is missing or forgotten, maybe even lost.

Interpreting what that is exactly, we must look further into the present and possibly the future cards. In my interpretation, something rather special has culminated. This has a quality of investment, most likely a sustainable form of energy sourced primarily in one’s goal of accountability or fiscal responsibility.

If you’ve committed to becoming debt free or have set up a fund, this can represent those types of actions. If you’ve decided to commit to being more connected to your body through nutrition or exercise, this can represent that as well. Anything that has elevated your energetic vibration has the power to transform and connect you to a new experience, one that you have been intending for yourself for some time.

It is possible that you have kept this information private and this has led some to wonder what you’ve been preoccupied with. While this card may suggest that this course of action has been successful, it describes the desire for application. As in, what is the next step. Where do I go from here. What is holding me back. Are my fears still occupying too much “radio time” in my mind.

If we look to The Hermit for answers, we can almost see a distinct pause as we reflect on the star that is shining so brightly in his lamp. The energetic nucleus spilling over from the 10 of Pentacles is in a good holding. We can wait and take our time. The most important thing we can do now is not rush into any action that is influenced by outside sources.

The Hermit is a pillar of truth and integrity. Hold to it. Take this time to be alone. Don’t disclose any information about your inner life or what’s been occupying you. This is a time for incubation and for sealing the energy of your resources. Change the subject, make art, cook a wonderful meal. Enjoy this time by being quiet or somehow internal because this lamp is about to get a whole lot brighter.

The glorious star above the woman in The Star card has bursted forth in all its radiance, as if it grew past the confines of the Hermit’s lamp and into the grand night sky. We are refreshed and our appreciation is delicate yet bold. If the 10 of Pentacles was about restarting some facet of abundance in your life, then The Star is the manifestation of that energetic release. It may not be as bold as The Sun card, but in its quiet way, The Star offers us an introverted equivalent.

We can never confine energy. If we do, we invite The Tower into our lives. The Star suggests that we are in fact moving with the flow and current of life without controlling it. We are setting up a time for deep renewal, where we are truly blessed with more than enough. The waters here flow magically and freely without shortage or scarcity.

How ever this manifests for you, take a moment to say “thank you”. Take more moments to appreciate your accomplishments. Feel the interconnectedness being restored as you reach into the life giving waters that are deep and vast and cleansing. Enjoy this moment for you and you alone. There will be a time to share and to be generous, and you will no doubt enjoy that, as will the important people in your life – the one’s that have supported your integrity and truest source of your well-being.


Thanks for reading,

Daniel Palmo




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