Your Week Ahead: February 23 to 29, 2020 – New Moon

3 of Cups, Death crossed by Ace of Swords, 5 of Swords. From the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck (click image for larger view).

Undoubtedly, one of the most paradoxical elements of existence is the perception of Self within the parameters of community or relationships. How can I maintain the clarity of my purpose while not alienating myself or others? How am I able to contribute to those in my life while also knowing my own value and self-worth?

This week begins with these questions. We are being led on an inward journey that started with much success and celebration. It could have been a collaborative effort among family, friends or coworkers where each individual made a contribution in some way. Within this nucleus of energetic productivity, there was also borne an idea of how to carry the momentum of that energy into a new phase.

Somewhere along the way, we were shown something that made us see ourselves and the situation we were in with deeper clarity and authenticity. Perhaps we saw an imbalance where we may have felt held back. Although, at the time, that sensation might have been muted. However, now we are feeling a compulsion to break free from it.

We are allowing our purpose to affect us on a very fundamental level, one that is asking for some significant changes. At this time, it is still worth asking whether the conditions which brought about a need to break free was really about the situation we were in or about something else. This reading is suggesting that we can benefit from a less reactive need for change; change for its own sake.

Identifying one’s personal need for growth is an important process. Understanding what one needs for personal thriving is an opportunity to express this growth. But we can still work with others and communicate what is important to us in a manner which doesn’t deny anyone else’s needs or achievements.

Before we feel compelled to move too quickly with our new ideas or new sense of reemergence, let us check in with our motives (or perhaps our fears) and see if we can keep the fabric of that initial success with others strong and functional. We can each benefit from each others growth. We can let go of the illusion and fear that our voice might somehow get lost in another’s talent, or that we could get drowned out or smothered in some way.

No one can take from us anything that we will not surrender ourself. If you need to stand up and speak out, do so. People will listen when we are compassionate and kind, even if we are firm. And in our firmness, we can still ask questions, listen, and be attentive.

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