Your Week Ahead: March 1 to 7, 2020

This weeks reading from the Voyager Tarot deck by James Wanless. (click image for larger view)

How can we assess who we’ve become if we don’t take a moment and appreciate all that we’ve accomplished? The week ahead looks to be instilling a sense of balance in our forward trajectory as we come to pause and reflect upon our recent past, perhaps triggering memories of something more distant.

We’re hearing echos of situations, people or experiences of growth which we feel might be repeating themselves. But we’re taking the time to examine our lives more closely and we realize that we have become so much more than those previous definitions, either imposed by others or by ourselves.

We see images and hear voices. They seem to come out of the air itself. Our heart palpates inexplicably and we feel nervous and anxious. Old confrontations arise and our mind plays out scenes we once lived. But we are also aware of what is happening and this calms us as we feel the anchor of our breathing centering us.

Slowly and almost imperceptibly, we find our body increasingly distanced from this emotional landscape. A shift takes place and something is released from our psyche. Guilt? Shame? Anger? It all loses its grip and lessens with each deep and replenishing breath.

In this moment, something unique takes over our being. We stretch a little and raise our posture. In a gentle sigh, we notice the stability in our body. We open our eyes and feel a sense of purpose, a deeper reservoir of strength and resilience.

We have clarity about our sense of individuality, of our needs and of what life presents us with in order to express ourselves and shine our light. We are witnessing and holding space for our true path to merge with the integrity of our intentions. We’ve come through a kind of filtering process and are able to align elements in our lives with more traction.

We understand that this is aiding the foundations from which we approach the sustainability of our future. We are real with life and our imagination; the two are not so separate anymore. We are investing in an approach which will yield results that benefit our lives first and formost. We need to nourish the elements that keep our cups filled and overflowing if we are ever to be true value in this world, to ourselves and to others.

Some may challenge us and test our beliefs as we have formulated them. Our buttons may get pushed and things may be said to us that seem to echo from those old distant voices of yonder years. Be not afraid. You are far more ready than you may think.

And this take with you too: that each presentation and challenge is but a concurrence of expressions of thought and form that you yourself have orchestrated in this non-dual conduit of life experience, beyond any notions of time and space. Pass beyond the illusion that anything is happening “to” you. You are the originator of all life experience. That is cause for much celebration and opportunity.


Daniel Palmo

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