Your Week Ahead: March 29 to April 4, 2020 – Our Humanity: Mars conjunct Saturn

2 of Cups, 10 of Wands, Page of Cups from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. (click image for larger view)

If you missed last week’s reading, you can find that here.

Central to our reading, we again find the 10 of Wands presenting itself as an overarching influence. Two weeks ago, this same card held the same position and it feels very similar in its manifestation this week. What is that influence? Hard work, perseverance, and commitment.

In many ways, this directly reflects the conjunction of Mars and Saturn on Tuesday. Mars will activate the Saturnian energy newly in Aquarius and we’ll need to be ready to harness and nourish this powerful workhorse.

However, something rather special will be felt on Sunday and Monday while this energy builds. I can’t help but notice how this reading is flanked by two Cups cards. An obvious indicator of our need for connection and bonding.

The 2 of Cups signals a time to reach out to others and show that we care. Sure, other priorities are amping up anxiety levels as we discern for ourselves a proper course of action and planning. This card suggests that we need to come back to what is wholesome and loving.

Even if we’re socially or physically distancing ourselves, the heart in all things must be looked after. We’ll need to find ways to show our love and unconditional support for others that is free from worldly affairs. In spite of all the heaviness, reach for another, offer your love before it is offered, and let the world disappear in that embrace. This is the heart frequency which raises everything in its presence.

Having had this to restore you, you can then reenter the tasks at hand with an added vitality to see it through. There seems to be many points to resolve and you may be feeling that there is no end in sight. This is an illusion brought on by the sensation that you are disconnected from those around you.

If you feel that you must do everything yourself, you may exhaust your energy unnecessarily. Others can help you if you ask, and support can present itself in a variety of ways. This week’s reading starts off with the tones of love and partnership. This is the energy we need to bring with us into the coming days and weeks – not isolation.

If we do, things appear to greet us with a sense of relief and innocence. We’re all in this together, and joy can come from understanding that basic tenet. In our challenges to make sense of a burdensome situation, we are rewarded by a cup of Love, by the spontaneous manifestation of such emotion, and by a genuine concern for our well being.

Perhaps, in our initial reaching out to someone with tenderness and compassion, that same affection is reciprocated unconditionally just when we need it to help pull us through. Mars conjunct Saturn is about focused longterm determination; in Aquarius, it expresses itself in our humanity and our highest potential.

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful week,

Daniel Palmo

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