Your Week Ahead: April 5 to 11, 2020 – Holding Your Power: Full Moon in Libra

The Chariot, Ace of Swords, and Wheel of Fortune, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. (click image for larger view)

If you missed last weeks reading, you can find it here.

Building throughout the week ahead is the lovely and dynamic Full Moon on April 8 in Libra. Having just reached its culmination a day after Mars squares Uranus, a volatile and potentially stress releasing event, we are indeed navigating some fast moving waters and we need to be mindful.

Mars has already activated Saturn’s energy and has given it some definition and expression. Moving into a square to Uranus feels like all that confinement reaching a boiling point. Yet, Mars has also taken on a lot of Saturn’s influence making him a little more mature and restrained.

The Full Moon will amplify the Uranian energy of explosiveness and release. The question will remain of what you hope to accomplish and if there is an alternative that doesn’t feel hostile. This week’s tarot reading looks to be proving a point, suggesting we have what it takes for some serious progress. Let’s take a look.

What is so striking about these three cards is the amount of focus there is. It’s almost molten. With two major arcana cards flanking a powerful Ace, we can say this is about more than just this week. However, the link is the Ace and it’s going to be a tool to raise our consciousness.

Our week is going to start off with a lot of motivation. We have an objective and we are set to achieve it. We have come through some serious turmoil as we struggled to make sense of our lives and all the implications running through our imagination.

We may have felt scattered and almost frenzied in our approach to solving problems. We understand now some of the key elements at play and we can begin to apply some actual progress now. The Chariot card represents an individual who has a very clear idea of the destination and all its components for success.

However, he has a much deeper aspect that is often overlooked. The Chariot represents movement and direction, and at the same time, the still point. He is immovable. Being so affords him the space in which to be calm. He is at once moving fast with incredible speed, and outside the concepts of time and space, he is not moving. Or shall we say, he has already reached attainment.

Our power becomes freed when we stop thinking in terms of time. If we spend our time thinking of how long it will take to get somewhere, we will have missed the point entirely. More, our focus on the “not having arrived there yet” will slowly shift our perspective away from a connection to that which we intend to manifest, and toward the “this which has not manifested yet” manifestation.

In other words, our minds are filled with language and a framework about the lack of something not yet achieved rather than the awareness of the perfection of that which “I Am” and are becoming. Sure, it’s tricky, and this might be exactly the work that needs to be done.

Interestingly, the charioteer is holding in his right hand a staff or wand (also seen in The Magician’s right hand). This is the connection to the Ace as it is a right hand which holds the sword. It is almost as if the wand and the charioteer become one. The Sword now is his physical emanation. Embodying each other, there is a thrust of energy occurring midweek that is going to be a breakthrough of some kind.

We will notice something shift and we are going to be seeing things a lot more clearly. We may have a plan that will call our attention to act. We may see some way to apply what we’ve learned so far into an actual project and will allow us to implement our strategy effectively. That looks like the Mars square Uranus aspect coming through.

The result should show up as the week concludes, and even beyond. This shift will affect us in a positive way. The energy being expressed and articulated, and then embodied will hit a target. There will be a marker of some kind that should allow us to experience movement in an otherwise stagnant situation – or at least perceived as stagnant.

We are surrounded by our spirit guides, teachers and angels. The clouds are parting and we are seeing our lives from their perspective, from an enlightened perspective. We are invited to participate in the manifestation of a vision that we have launched and cared for.

We have once again understood that with movement and growth, there is also the still point, the grounding force and power centre that resides within us. Movement and stillness; clarity and power – this is ours to hold, now and always.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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