Your Week Ahead: April 12 to 18, 2020 – Silence Is Golden: Sun square Jupiter/Pluto conjunction

8 of Swords, 7 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. (click image for larger view)

If you missed last weeks reading, you can find it here.

A paradox may be in store for us this week as the Sun makes a square aspect to the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Looking at each element separately, the Sun is our ego, our conscious self as we express ourselves outwardly. Jupiter is a benefic planet, often expanding our horizons and bringing us protection and blessings. Pluto is a force of profound transformation and change, and represents death and rebirth on a paradigm level.

On Tuesday, The Sun will first square Pluto. This has a feeling of powerlessness and abandonment in a way that challenges us to face the reasons behind the changes forced upon us. We may feel overwhelmed by certain factors at play and this will act as a trigger for deeper perhaps more chronic responses to what is taking place.

The opportunity here is to see yourself centred in your core so that you can maintain your inner gravity amid any chaotic energies around you. Language and affirmation are your allies now more than ever. They will anchor you in empowerment so that any attempts by others to encourage a victim mentality will be assuaged.

The following day, the Sun will square Jupiter giving us an exit of sorts. If Pluto is the “hand” that dictates to us to stop and obey, Jupiter is the side door that facilitates a point of least resistance. Look for it.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto can reform many entrenched patterns in the structures of our lives. The Sun’s square is the challenge inherent in the vast possibilities this can have on our deepest sense of achievement.

The Moon will also be in Capricorn on Tuesday, passing over this conjunction giving it some additional emotional power and directness in our experience. A solution to working with all of this would be similar to Yin Yoga. Breathing in and through the tension, noticing what surfaces and letting it pass away again. 

Wednesday, the Moon will ingress Aquarius and pass through the Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus aspect that is very much at play. That could feel like a rebellious streak looking for an outlet. This too is asking for our maturity lest something get out of hand. We always choose our responses.

If you can navigate this, you will be encouraged to seek a more creative and productive outcome. It can feel challenging because everyone and their goldfish are under such restrictive forces right now that demand total compliance. So, be gentle on yourself and with those around you. Be compassionate yet resolute. Chaos and conformity is an illusion placed on those who can’t think for themselves.

Observe. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. True observation demands such things.

Looking to our reading for the week, it’s apparent that we’re under some kind of control. We’re stuck. We’re in the mud, left tied up and blindfolded to try and figure out where we are and what to do. Mechanisms have been set in place to give us the sense that we’re trapped, isolated, and with little or no options.

What has been set into motion are voices or messages that have dictated that we behave a certain way, unquestionably. This can represent a very distressing feeling of abandonment and victimization. If we are not careful, we can lose perspective and fall into the sensation that we have no alternatives.

Outward authority always has its roots in our past associations with the authority of our family of origin. How it was taught or experienced has a lot to do with how we will interpret it later. This is the exit point of this card which is subtle and incredibly profound.

With the blindfold tied around our eyes, we can go inward. Be still. Listen or feel for all those voices of the past that told you to behave as you’re told “or else”. Listening, go into the validity of how you may have felt stifled by someone’s expectations of you.

This is not about blame or reactivating old memories in an attempt to prove a point. Above all, that needs to be let go. It’s a dead end with only dark hallways and empty rooms. We all progress throughout life in our own unique way and timing, and our path of individuating from our family of origin is simply our process of taking more authority for our own lives.

For some, the individuation process takes time working through multiple layers. Often we bring old patterns of childhood relationships to authority into our work environment, home and intimate encounters. This card represents a time where we can work more tangibly on distilling truth from non-truth.

Your feet are not bound. You have an opportunity to walk away from these influences of control. You only need to understand how little power “it” has over you. You might bump up against a sword or two. It’s okay. You will start to see things very differently once you get moving and see yourself in an empowered state once again.

Looking at the 7 of Pentacles and the 7 of Cups, we can see a definite shift in energy. It is as if we’ve moved back into our garden, released of restrictions and outside rules. There’s a sense of taking stock of one’s space, achievements, and where we can start to think of the harvest.

We have initiated some momentum and something important starts to take a life of its own. Whatever we were confronted with has dissipated, at least in our reaction to it or interpretation of it. We’re no longer under the influence of its heavy implications. But we still need to be attentive, knowing when to get back in there to tend to the garden and root out any weeds. Practice saying “no” and “no thank you.”

This leads us to a genuine exploration of many possibilities unfolding before us. We have opportunities to ponder, as well as their implications. We may be scared by some of those visions and stirred by others. We’re excited and yet apprehensive. We might hear some echoes of the past, or perhaps in our current circles, telling us what we’re capable of. Listen with a half smile and be like a yogi tasting honey. Silence is golden.

You’re free to explore all of your potentials – you always were. Your mind is free. Your spirit is unencumbered. Let the play of all life arise within you and let go of any resistance and tension. There is safety in the genius of imagination. Explore it with purpose and an open heart. You deserve it.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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