Your Week Ahead: April 26 to May 2, 2020 – The Illusion of Isolation: Sun conjunct Uranus

9 of Pentacles, The Lovers, and Strength, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Certainty is again up for investigation as we start the week off with a powerful conjunction between the Sun and “The Great Awakener” Uranus. Trying to determine how exactly this dynamic will play out is precisely the opposite: very uncertain. This is the power behind genius and creativity. It comes out of nowhere and like a bolt of lightening, spurs you on or out of your previously held confined view.

This energy can feel like a sudden awakening, as if the contents of something you read last year suddenly come to life due to a trigger point that’s relevant now. We are ignited with movement that changes the scenery or vantage point that held us in line with a narrative that no longer serves us. We can transcend limitations and break free to experience life free of boundaries.

Things can feel as if they are moving very fast and we might get caught up in a windstorm of re-inventiveness as we try to process a large and important cosmic download that is asking us to step up and out into a universe of potentiality. Take your time with it and ground the energy with mindfulness and meditation. Be led by your curiosity, not by recklessness.

There are important messages to assimilate and integrate. We will need to pay attention. If the Earth rumbles and shifts, even erupts, we should not be surprised. If you are the “volcano”, look to see what is bursting forth from you. Ride the wave and let it take you to new shores.

If an awakening is occurring, this week’s reading is a beautiful signpost that what we are noticing and integrating now more than ever is our value in the world. Last week, we ended with the Knight of Pentacles, lost in a gaze of eager unfoldment, waiting for the right opportunity to arise in order to move ahead.

He represented an attitude of patience to an overarching time frame, one that was interested in the proper timing of things. Indeed, I’ve noticed several pentacle cards in recent weeks suggesting our participation with creative and manifestational energy in our lives. Seeing the 9 of Pentacles now as the next phase of the story, we can clearly see that it is through our self discipline and restraint that we have attained something special.

What we have been tending to through our focus and hard work is now paying off. We are witnessing the results as we bring in a harvest, fully enjoying the reaping of what we have kept alive and nourished. We have come to understand ourselves and our authorship as wholly unique. No outside condition can contaminate that. We are strengthened by our connection to the processes of the earth, and our deep appreciation for the gifts we receive is boundless.

As with all things of value, once you have determined yours, you then operate from a new paradigm and shine a new light out into the world. Your foundations have shifted and a new balance is created within you. Your relationship to anything and anyone outside of yourself is also a part of this rebalancing process.

At the core of every relationship is the individual. How you relate to yourself fundamentally dictates how you perceive and receive others. If you create a space of love for yourself, you will have this disposition to create it and offer it “out there.” You become the gold standard by which you receive energy, which is mirroring your own integrity and honesty.

Obviously, this is simplistic overview. However, it is the nucleus that is missed by many as they seek to define their life experience by taking the emphasis away from their core truth and vitality. The Lovers, especially following the 9 of Pentacles, shows that we see this fault line clearly and affirm to restore the balance of perspective that leads to a greater alignment within ourselves and consequently reflected or expressed within the relationship.

From the middle of the week onwards, we may feel challenged to express that individuality. Or, we may feel a continued isolation from others and feel provoked to justify why we might have differing views. One person might feel successful, while the other is on hold.

This may also represent a time of inner balancing and not indicative of a physical relationship with someone. The Lovers is very much about the interplay of polarity, the masculine and feminine within us. However, we do not live in a vacuum of physical distancing. We are always relating to others and being affected by them even if we happen to be living solo.

If we look closer at the spread, it appears as though the women in the 9 of Pentacles and the woman in the Strength card represent the two individuals in The Lovers card. One could misinterpret the angel’s arms as keeping these two people apart. I would suggest that in fact they are being blessed by the contribution they make to one another. They may only need to awaken to that observation. Similarly, how that alignment is portrayed symbolically as an internal experience, impresses the view that we create the world we live in.

Navigating the polarities of relationships can be some of the most rewarding aspects of life. If we can abstain from any control over another’s process of creativity and expressivity, then we can create that same space for ourselves to be unique and to have a unique contribution both to the relationship and the world.

If we don’t give in to the illusion of isolation, then we will not create the impulse to correct it. Meaning, we will avoid instigating any control over others as a means to correct the perceived lack of control we may feel inside of us. Instead, through our alignment, we perceive that alignment in all things and can witness the balance of true diversity. It is through this connection that we build connection.

This is a beautiful reading. It shows a love for ourselves and an admiration for others, and a respect toward forces which are guiding us to be together and to celebrate our oneness. We are each separate points of expression, and we are each held by a cosmic system that is formless in it scope and boundless in its compassion.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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