Your Week Ahead: May 3 to 9, 2020 – The Garden of Scorpio

5 of Pentacles, 10 of Wands, and Queen of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

An important marker of thought and action is taking place early in the week as the Sun and Mercury form a conjunction in Taurus. Normally, this aspect brings about a fair amount of clarity and even inspiration. There’s a kind of fusion between our conscious self and our ability to articulate thought forms in a direct and authentic way.

What makes this conjunction unusual however, is that last week, we first had the Sun making a conjunction to Uranus on April 26, followed by Mercury making a conjunction to Uranus on April 30. This stepped program allowed each archetype to formulate a relationship to this cosmic download Uranian planetary energy.

Monday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction thus represents an integration of those two relationships and assimilates them into one experience or message. There might be a feeling of waking up to some truth that had been previously elusive. There might be greater clarity surrounding an important decision, helping you to address a way to move forward and with greater integrity to your personal truth.

However this plays out for you, I would encourage you to take a few moments to align with this power source. Sit quietly in meditation, be creative in some way whether that’s writing or music or some other art, and open yourself up to the unknown. Be curious while being objective and allow yourself to be moved as this can be a time of wonderful openings.

See yourself past the threshold of where you currently are. Play the “what if…” game and write some of those ideas down. Rise above limitations of any kind. This is a moment not to be missed and it could yield such a force of power within you as to unlock a totally new trajectory in your life.

The emotional landscape of the week has everything to do with the momentum building toward Thursday’s Full Moon in Scorpio. It is like the deep powerful sea, upsurging and lifting us up as we harness its wave to commence our surf. Neptune, the God of the Sea, is in supportive Pisces bringing gifts of psychic ability and magic, blessing us at this time of our launch.

As the lunar energy builds, it makes an opposition of Uranus in Taurus just before it becomes total. This can be the release point and the breakthrough that sets you apart from all obstacles. Look to Friday and Saturday for signs of a shift in your experience. It may be subtle, or not. But you will be seeing things very differently, that is almost certain.

One point regarding Scorpio, an often misunderstood and berated sign – it is an energy that will take us deep, often to unearth various secrets. It is the Phoenix energy that sacrifices itself so that healing and truth may emerge. It will be opposing The Great Awakener. If we are being shown something uncomfortable, give the process time and some respect. We don’t have to blindly accept anything. However, the Scorpionic energy can take us to the depth level we need at this time, as we let her expose and root out any untruths in the murky shadows of our unconscious.

Often, a reading’s message presents itself not only by the meaning displayed in each card, but by the destination shown in the final one. How do we get to this place, or better, how did we get there? The wonderful news in this spread shows a destination relaxed and comfortable, at ease and self aware. But the question of how we get there is presenting us with a challenge. A story, perhaps, that we need to be working with closely.

Some questions to ask as we start the week off would be, “what steps am I taking to ensure that I know who I am? How much time do I allow myself to be myself? Do my relationships with others obfuscate my path or the trajectory of my intentions? How can I reconcile the needs of others while not be in diminishment or be less important? Do I overly rely on others to provide feelings of safety and security, and am I not capable of providing these elements for myself?”

We must pause here to consider carefully how to move past the limitations in our lives. We must ask what is influencing us and how are we drawing conclusions. Somehow, we are feeling separated from an essential and nourishing part of life and there is a call here to come back from that isolated perspective.

Asking these questions and facing many unknowns can and will have a feeling as if we are breaking with convention and the norm. Setting forth from the known may feel as though we are completely alone. This is never the case. It is important to keep going and to stay true to the impulse that has shaken you despite any feelings of being overwhelmed.

The 10 of Wands is the completing of self assigned tasks, but it is also about the renewal that comes as a result of hard work. He is depicted as arriving at a market or village where he will be welcomed in and acknowledged. The message here is about having the courage to identify a way forward, or to trust that the way will present itself even if we can’t see it immediately. We are bringing the fullness of ourselves and our efforts to something brand new.

The conclusion is depicted as residing in one’s garden of harvest, of self-love and self-appreciation, and to treasure the connection to Source in our own personal way. Where once we walked past the pentacles in the church window, feeling disconnected and perhaps abandoned, not knowing how to get “inside”, now we hold the Pentacle of Life Force in our lap.

Here, in your garden, there is no shortage, no fear, no isolation, no mistruths – only your calm knowing and total authenticity. Here, you are restored and revivified. Here, you are connected to all things through their life-giving and life-receiving energy. Congratulations on your arrival and continuing journey of self-discovery. The best is yet to come.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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