Your Week Ahead: July 5 to 11, 2020 – The Virtues of Proper Timing

5 of Wands, King of Wands, 2 of Cups, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

We are amidst several forces of change at this time, a little cliche in the astrological world as one can always say that change is a constant companion. Indeed, this is true. The real issue is perhaps how to deal with it; where to begin, how to follow or lead it, and how to prepare for its implications.

It might be helpful to know that, despite all the self help books and gurus out there, the real answer comes down to you and what you want. To find that clarity is the aim of anyone on the path of life. Don’t misunderstand me, there are some wonderful teachers who help us find our way. But at the end of the day, it isn’t about their success in articulating a possible solution, however well written it may be. It is about you arriving at a moment where you have sifted through enough material to understand what is holding you back.

This material is always going to be present, and the more we participate with life, the deeper we go into our growth as individuals, along with the resistance that’s lurking behind our initiatives. As we complete one cycle of growth, our relationship with the past changes. We are at peace with it, and we embark on another.

Peace is not learned in books. It is the process of opening the heart and allowing the universe to take us to our next experience. When we establish and nourish a continued relationship to peace within our heart centre, we begin to allow real change to take place. Changes based on identity, labels, and attachments to our perceptions. If we hold on to the conditions of the story we tell ourselves and identify with, we only perpetuate the pattern of how we relate to the challenge or discomfort in our lives.

In peace, we understand that we have a choice, that we have options, that the paradigm can be altered. We no longer see ourselves in the same way. We have created a quantum change whereby action and reaction no longer operate by the same rules. The equation breaks down and the cycle is broken.

This peace, this inner reconciliation, this acceptance, allows clarity to emerge. Our psychic body is lighter and freer and we communicate with our higher selves in a much more direct and intuitive way. We move into a higher vibrational set of circumstances where motivation is transformed into inspiration.

Motivation is creating movement from something standing still into motion. Inspiration is the unity we feel when we are aligned – when we are “in spirit” or “in our breath”. This is the key to understanding where we are on the vibrational scale of action. Motivation is often misunderstood as being a remedy for the circumstances holding us back or that feel stagnant.

It is most often an impulse used to cover up a deeper issue which is, at least for the moment, eluding us. If we feel tired, we may motivate ourselves to go for a walk in nature. While this may be good so that we can feel better and more connected after a restorative exercise activity, more often than not, we return to why the feeling of tiredness was there to begin with.

We can continue this approach but often motivation serves only to keep us active and busy, perhaps distracted, so that we convince ourselves that we are doing something with our lives. But we have not altered the underlying reasons for why we feel discontent. In this example, motivation is a ruse. It prevents real change from occurring because it doesn’t allow for the removal of resistance on a cellular level. Motivation is only moving us from one situation to another, often with the same types of experiences.

Ultimately, we are faced again with the underlying reasons for why there might be a chronic issue or lack of inspiration. It isn’t that motivation is bad, it is often quite necessary. It can propel us toward new insights. However, the distinction needs to be made so that we don’t force ourselves into action that is ultimately not inspired.

In finding our “in spirit” moment, we need to keep cultivating what it is that makes us happy, where we find connection, and ask in all of this, what is meaningful to me? What do I want here? Keep asking the questions. Don’t let others tell you what you need to do. Listen to their feedback, yes, but make sure they are listening to you first and supporting you in your quest for personal happiness. The true friend and guide is not interested in their answer but yours.

The astrology this week illustrates a conclusion on some very deep levels, perhaps something going on for a couple of years. Sunday is the last of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle which began in July 2018. It will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, emphasizing a culmination and release, and a flushing out of old energy that has kept us from progressing.

Sometimes the eclipses work suddenly, others more gradually. They can still be active 6 months to a year after they take place. However, I’m more inclined to feel that we are reaching conclusions now rather than later. Many of us will notice shifts very soon, some may absorb the changes over the coming months. All of it is positive and is taking us to new experiences and more potential for deeper satisfaction. Keep in contact with what sustains you and what brings you joy.

Looking at how all of this is laid out in the cards for this week, we can see the difference between what we motivate ourselves to do and where we find alignment. Holding the balance is knowing the difference and working with each to support an action which is well timed.

How do we let others affect our thinking? At what point is the discussion fruitful and at what point does it become an exercise in restraint? The King knows. Elements at play in the beginning of the week will see many points up for discussion and it is likely that we will feel caught up in a discourse that is heightened and enlivening.

This isn’t so much about conflict as it is about everyone thinking they’re right. There is a certain amount of healthy discord here as to promote alternative ways to approach things. It is important to participate and not get discouraged. We have the ability to become unstuck by such energy so let it take you back to yourself and what you ultimately want.

The King of Wands knows exactly the direction to take and his maturity has allowed him to step back and take a grander view of the proponents involved. He is the master of his domain and above all, he recognizes that he does not need to account for what he believes to those around him. He has taken in information and now he decides.

He sees the most direct route to the conclusion of his affairs and his commitment to it is paramount. He is undiluted in his stance and mature in the articulation of his ideals. When the King appears, we can be assured that we are taking full ownership of the situation and have asked others to acknowledge our self-authority.

When our integrity is of such a standard, we approach others with such a standard. If we have such clarity, we participate with others who do not deceive us – not the least of which is our ability to detect and see through deception. Those we come into contact with are attracted to our light and the warmth that we radiate. We are examples which fuel the desire for growth and experience in others. This is not about lording power over others. It is a byproduct of self-worth and a responsibility to ensure that our domain is a place of thriving for everyone.

Our relationships become more authentic where we can disclose our vulnerabilities to each other without being defined by them. We have understood ourselves better because of our attention and cultivation of our thirst for life. (Here, I thought the word “thirst” but actually typed “thrust”. So yes, cultivating our thrust for life!)

Unity is the isolation and purification of that which competes and distracts us from our core. Understand the components. Then, rise above them and seek your own ground. Feel your own purpose and that purpose will manifest itself to you. Then you will know what is true, and you will feel the power of properly timed action.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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