Your Week Ahead: July 12 to 18, 2020 – The Gifts of Time

Temperance, The Hermit, and Ace of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

In last week’s reading, entitled “The Virtues of Proper Timing”, the cards showed a distinction between getting caught up in the group mind and using one’s own judgment to formulate an individual approach in expressing a pure intention. The distinction went deeper into an analysis of motivation vs inspiration.

“Unity is the isolation and purification of that which competes and distracts us from our core. Understand the components. Then, rise above them and seek your own ground. Feel your own purpose and that purpose will manifest itself to you. Then you will know what is true, and you will feel the power of properly timed action.”

I feel that this statement can carry through to this week because as we can see in our reading, a new beginning is occurring, one that has been well cultivated and ready to emerge. A look at the week’s astrology will also illustrate a kind of checkpoint, which could serve as a release from some of the intensity leading up to this point. Are we ready to continue along our way without being defined by the past six months? Can we move on to the next step? What am I letting go of in order to birth myself into something new?

Mercury will station direct on Sunday July 12. This transit could have felt particularly heavy for some. Moving forwards and backwards on projects, testing our assumptions, testing our communications and our relationships, and bringing some interesting surprises along the way.

Sunday’s station direct may very well bring a piece of the puzzle into place, seemingly dropping out of the sky. It could be a revelation you have or that someone makes to you. We’re still pretty close to the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Mercury’s square to Mars, so it may feel like a door is closing or slamming shut. Something, whatever it is, is allowing us to move on and forward. Still, take your time and don’t bolt out the door. We still need to pay attention.

The universe has a way of letting us know where we stand, what’s meaningful and who to trust with our hearts. If things get swept away, it might be for the best. Let yourself be led to what truly sustains you and all the right people will be there supporting you and encouraging your path to further success.

There can be times when the truth is uncomfortable to digest. I would take this process deeper and consider that an underlying feeling of connection is present, as if the universe is showing you alternatives that you then acclimatize to, despite their initial shock. Be aware of being coerced or forced, either directly or by intimation. Instead, take time to sort out your true feelings. What emerges should feel good and should feel like “you” and not someone else’s voice.

This is represented by an interesting culmination throughout the week. The Sun in Cancer makes an opposition to the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction. The Sun will oppose Saturn next week. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are all very close to one another in Capricorn.

Issues related to power dynamics and how ideology is lorded over us and exaggerated could play out now. Certainly, we are confronting these issues and addressing them, particularly as new information could materialize that changes the narrative of what we’ve been led to believe.

In one’s personal life, this could represent moving ahead with more confidence and certainty with things feeling more like a plan of action rather than a dream state of illusions and bewilderment. I particularly like the Sun’s trine to Neptune in Pisces on Sunday the 12th. This can be something to take with you as you meet certain events; something to soften our perception of persecution. Just be sure that the shifting landscape of Mercury’s station direct doesn’t pull you into seeing what is not there. Aim for clarity now and don’t let yourself be fooled by any promises that don’t add up. We’re better than that now.

One more aspect of note is the conjunction of Mars and Chiron in Aries. With so much energy being unleashed these days, it will be easy to let loose the Kraken on many. I would also like to offer that we would be well served to watch our own tendency to be over-reactive and use anger and force in ways that ultimately work against us, and to divide people rather than unite.

Collectively, we have been asked to behave in certain ways. Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries will ignite our need to break free from a kind of compliance and seek to express our individual selves once again. Our sense of identity has been superseded by many other factors these past months and we might feel quite pent up. We’ll need to consciously guide this energy in a constructive way that still allows our expression of it. Take care of yourself and let others take care of themselves; let’s start there.

We all have bad days, even this cute little guy.

Mars is the masculine principle (action, initiative, aggression, passion), and Chiron is the healing agent that roots out the cause of injury, which can be physical, emotional, mental or psychic. The meeting of these two elements is a defining moment in our relationship to the masculine, especially over the coming two years. We may find ourselves reconciling this energy and allowing it to move us into greater authenticity. What we need is to be present with masculinity, to feel safe in our expression of it in our lives, and not try to make it something else.

With this aspect, it is important to not continue an identification with any internal narratives of pain, abuse, or chronic victimization. If those associations are interrupted and guided to healthier statements of self esteem and worth, then we take ownership of how those elements play out in our lives, and can calmly decide what is suitable and what is not. We create a healthy alternative to enter into.

This is an opportunity to break any cycles that influence us in detrimental ways. Without this internal work, there runs the risk of eternally finding situations to express our distrust and resentment, and gathering people of similar experience to substantiate those claims. We only pull the knot tighter. This rope not only needs untying, it needs to be thrown away.

Our confrontation with Pluto will heighten issues related to power and hopefully bring about a transformation. That doesn’t mean we are without power. Nor does it require control or repression. Mars’ conjunction to Chiron will also take us deep into the male body, what it means to be a man, how to express ideas and passions as a man, and how to have balance in the world so that men can share their gifts and wisdom with everyone equally.

The masculine in balance with the feminine is a psyche that is bold, receptive, calm, mature, decisive, creative and inspired. It is wise in its deployment and empathetic in its awareness. It encapsulates us, permeates us, leads us, and upholds a holistic system of integration that allows for the expression of all that we are and all that we are capable of. Each principle flows into each other, always supporting each element, always in a dance of assertion and reception.

Returning to our reading and the theme of properly timed action, we are presented early in the week with the ability to reformulate something that was previously not working in its original form. We are coming to a point in our creative process where we need to integrate parts of our plan or initiative so that they can represent more fully the full scope of what we are intending.

We feel rather intuitive and connected to a growth cycle that we know is aiding us in creating and birthing a fresh new impulse in the world. Fundamentally, we understand the need to take our time here. Nothing can be rushed and it is crucial we take the time to work at a pace that facilitates this approach.

If an element is not corrected or given proper time to blend in our mind as we process new information, we run the risk of it coming apart again. But the Temperance card shows us what we are capable of and indicates that we are indeed very close. We just need a time of incubation.

The relationship here between Temperance and the Hermit is indeed that. What we have created is now vibrating. It needs time to mature and to cure. We see it clearly in the lantern that the hermit is carrying. This almost certainly refers to the need to keep silent about all that you’ve been working on. Don’t talk about it to anyone. Something very vital is taking shape that requires nothing except a contained and sealed environment so that any aspect that is still pending can fall into place first.

We are thus establishing the momentum of what we are launching so that it has enough traction to sustain its movement in the world. Keep it away from the lips of discussion and see how you feel. You will know when the time is right.

The right timing is the meeting of vision, creation, and joy. It is understanding that we are sharing something special of ourselves in the world. Some light, some beautiful aspect of us is coming forth. It represents a connection with the energy that creates our world, that flows through us and around us, that we tap into and privately attend to.

It is the gift of abundance. The manifestation of your purpose is unfolding, along with the full support of the universe. Enjoy where you are and take heart in the wonderful future that is yours.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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