Your Week Ahead: July 19 to 25, 2020 – The Love We Make

The Lovers, Ace of Cups, and 9 of Cups, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

Rarely do I see such cards align themselves in such a beautifully direct manner as this week. The power of Love is seen and felt in this spread. What is so incredible is that this is coming to us on three distinct levels.

The Lovers here signifies love in relationships, or a particular relationship. We are blessed by an Angel as the week begins, lovingly guiding us toward each other and holding space for each to be themselves and responding as such.

We can decide whether to be involved or not. However, it seems appropriate to participate, and indeed, reciprocate. There is a warm connection blossoming and the potential is very positive for everyone involved. Choose to be open and see how good it feels to say yes. It is a “yes” to life and to living because life is an experiment. Curiosity is the first step taken past a known boundary. All is well; you are supported.

The second representation or level shown is of Universal Love, as depicted in the Ace of Cups. This is a sensation that we are connected to Source, to Spirit, and to something that enters our consciousness and opens something sacred within us. It is without conditions and asks only that we be receptive and to be still enough to notice its presence.

The third representation is shown in the 9 of Cups and signifies self love. It is the love we give back to ourselves or that comes directly to us alone as a result of pursuing what is emotionally gratifying. It is very much a wish granting card. The message here is to celebrate what is around you, what comes to you, what you have created, and to acknowledge your efforts. In rewarding ourselves, we open up to the notion that we have more than enough.

Often what follows is our generosity, as the “nine” card indicates the culmination of a cycle and the preparation of another. In the journey from the ace to the nine, we learn the value of exchange and seek to experience its fulfillment. The 10 of Cups (not shown here) is that experience. It is sensed, and so we desire it.

Understanding the cards in this weeks reading in this context, what feels like an invitation to participate with another, will lead us to an inner opening. We are surrendering ourselves to an aspect greater than ourselves and in that act, we create a situation where we are influenced in a subtle way to allow for a shift and change in consciousness.

It is a new beginning. What comes to us is yet another blessing. We feel moved and inspired to act, or to be taken to the next step. Movement is likely and the key is following the impulse of joy and innate freedom. Where that seems to be leading us toward is a celebration on the physical level where we enjoy material things, food, and places. It is also enjoying (in joy) where these things intersect with others. If a new relationship is budding, cards such as these indicate a favourable and meaningful interaction.

There is a circle and cycle evident that seems to tie many things together. The crossed arms of the figure in the 9 of Cups, and the arch of cups behind him, almost hints at the open arms of The Lovers, creating a circle between them. We are always an active ingredient, but understanding that we are really in a dance with this energy, opens us up to much more than we would be on our own.

To be engaged with such abundance this week is special. Make the most of it and enjoy the bountiful nourishment of loving relationships, a loving connection to all that is, and also to who we are and where we are. To appreciate this flow of energy is to swim in the warm current of cosmic radiance, and to share what is in our hearts. In the end, the love we take is equal to the love we make.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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