Your Week Ahead: July 26 to August 1, 2020 – Fait Accompli

King of Wands, Judgement, and Two of Cups, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

What is in our hearts is undeniable. It is a truth that cannot be contained. We can manoeuvre our way around it, perhaps keep ourselves distracted from it’s prodding, maybe even lie to ourselves about its existence, but we will always return to it. We can either wrestle our way towards truth, having life shake us up in the process, or we can guide ourselves there through foresight and intelligence.

In the pursuit of happiness (or wholeness), our reading this week suggests that we have that foresight in abundance. We are entering this week with one eye on the past and one eye toward the future. We know inherently what must be done in order to bring to conclusion a series of events or experiences that needed to be addressed.

Concluding our affairs prompts us to examine the unknown in a manner that is not only efficient, but holistic. Why drag around the past like a bag of spoiled potatoes. Holistic means creating an environment where thriving is a dominant energy. In nature, things thrive because it is based on the premise that what is stagnant is released to become fertilizer for new growth. Cells that are unhealthy die in order to serve the greater energetic purpose.

This is occurring now. A decision about our future is based in part on a past resolution – a re(turn) to a solution – or using new words, to complete a cycle. The King of Wands here is acting as a protector or sentinel, guarding against the intrusion of that which holds us back, that which stagnates us.

We are approaching a moment where, in our commitment to closure, we bring to light a series of truths that become the opportunity by which we become cleansed of the old dead life. The stagnant aspects that were oppressive or subtly heavy on our minds, these can now be dropped and left behind. We are ready for this move and shift.

What emerges after this process feels like the peace and balance that is restored in nature after a storm. A fair bit of junk has been washed away. There is much less activity toward the end of the week and some elements of chaos are calming down. It was needed.

We have allowed ourselves to move into a field of experience that is much clearer, cleaner, and more authentic. Any deception that preoccupied us has subsided and what we know to be true is not only a focal point but an actual understanding. What we understand and what we have processed is the life we move through and intersect with.

In our wellness, we hold our gifts from which to share what is unique about ourselves. We hold nothing back because we have released that which held us back. To be immersed in this lifestyle is to live in harmony with the multidimensional self, the self that is not yet manifested and that exists in vibration first. We are at peace within and without. Here is where we make our miracles.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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