Your Week Ahead: September 6 to 12, 2020 – We Know Because We Feel

Queen of Pentacles, 7 of Cups, and 3 of Swords, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

In our Garden of Delights, we cultivate a connection to the earth and to our hearts. We hold within our hands a radiant key that exemplifies our values and shines of our worth. We know what is authentic and what has held up to scrutiny. We know because we have carved ourselves out of the earth and shaped our future.

There is oneness here, in the kingdom of the Queen of Pentacles and she is showing us that we have arrived at a state of plenty, a state of awareness that knows no differentiation between how we operate in the world and the principles that bind all things together through energy and love.

She is telling us to continue on this path that she is lighting for us. It is essential in the days ahead that we see and feel what is true, and not what others have determined to be the truth. We are entering the realm of the 7 of Cups, where illusion gives rise to fear and where the potential of many outcomes gets played before us. We must observe and choose wisely.

The most valuable advise that I see in this week’s reading is to hold true to one’s purpose and one’s authentic evaluation of the world based on our undeniable inner resource: our connection to Source. With this armour, we can see the deceptions and we can see the agendas. We know because we feel. We must have the courage to question it.

We must continue on a path of the opened heart, not the compressed one. Not a path of restriction and control or of neutrality based on the numbing of the mind’s reasoning and intellect that is busting at the seams with questions of double standards and false truths.

We may need to face the potential of feeling scared or intimidated because we have the courage of questioning a narrative and asking where basic information comes from. We may feel a pressurization to follow along a given way because the alternative is too uncomfortable.

But the clouds are gathering and a storm of repression may be brewing. We may feel this as a surge of energy coming up from deep within us ready to find a voice. Let yourself be guided by truth. That is all. That is what is ever needed when we approach confusing outcomes.

The truth becomes a force of incredible power that we feel and know to be right. It is a cry of “YES!” in a land shouting “no”. When we feel this power releasing its unmistakable presence, all that is untrue is exposed and is washed away in all its irrelevancy. Like a hot balloon that gets pierced by the lightening of truth, dropping into its own pathetic shadow.

We can be very glad about this process. We can be incredibly joyful that this movement has the ability to affect and shift us. The clouds and rain will pass and all that is true will remain and continue to nourish us and sustain us. Let us go together.

With much love,

Daniel Palmo

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