Your Week Ahead: September 13 to 19, 2020 – Facing Truths

The Hierophant, 8 of Cups, and 2 of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

If, in the end, we have mastered the teaching, then we become teachers. But how often we are taught by the very act of teaching shows us that we are always students of life, mastering and remastering, learning and relearning, acting and integrating. This is the endless cycle that we dance within, ever growing and perpetually expanding.

How we are guided in our lives and what we feel compelled to explore is, in a sense, the true gift of The Hierophant. We can think we “know” things and convince ourselves that our framed credentials mean something. But all of that can get swept away in a gust of insignificance once elements of life conspire in unique ways that we are unprepared for.

This weeks spread suggests to me that we have come to such a place. The Hierophant, the figure in the 8 of Cups, and the figure in the 2 of Pentacles are all the same person. Next week, it appears that we have suddenly felt the foundations of knowledge and wisdom shake. Perhaps a cycle of passed down teaching is coming into question. It might be that certain views no longer hold up to certain standards and questioning this premise will take inner strength.

It is not suggesting that we will feel threatened by insubordination or a kind of reckless questioning of wisdom. Rather, we will feel that we have come to a place where we don’t have the answer. This will feel like a void that desperately needs to be filled for our lives revolve around the need for certainty. There is indeed a key element missing and rather than fill it with the insecure impulse of a ruse, we will take a cue from the universe and seek some solitary refuge.

It will be in this quiet environment that things will come apart, investigated, and brought back into the psyche with calmer understanding and reconciliation. What we have known to be true may in fact turn out to be false or incomplete. We must pursue the truth and find the harmonic resonance of that truth within us if we are to stand on more stable ground later.

When we emerge from our chrysalis, our senses will be heightened and our footing prone to a nervous but deliberate stance. We will be working to keep things together and functioning harmoniously. We will be feeling alive in our dance with life, but more importantly, we will be working with a truer sense of purpose, which will make us feel valuable and curious about our potential.

What we learn about ourselves is the most valuable lesson we can offer to others. What we share about our own path of learning can inspire and console those who feel a similar solitude. Let us go together.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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